Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you everyone, who has been checking out my blog. I hope everyone has a safe night and 2009 brings everything you wish for. I have had an awesome 2008, so if 2009 is even a quarter of what 2008 has been, I will feel truly lucky. See you next year!!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Becky Higgins' 365 Project

We are about to start a new year and here is a new kit (KOTM) from Becky Higgins & Creating Keepsakes. Here is the blurb on it:

"In just 2 days you'll be able to purchase Becky Higgins' Kit of the Month, "Project 365." With this kit you'll finally be able to see what an entire year of your life looks like all in living color or black and white. Filled with colorful preprinted cards, specially-created divided page protectors, label stickers, ribbon, transparencies, monthly dividers, a date stamp and more, you'll be able to preserve your photos by day, by week or by month--all year long. Project 365 goes on sale on Jan. 1 with a special 10% discount costing you only $35.95."
Click HERE for the link. I'll warn you up front, the shipping is a little high IMHO, however it is a really cool concept.


Are you a QVC shopper????

Apparently the TSV (Today's Special Value) on QVC is a digital scrapbooking kit from Creating Keepsakes and Shutterfly starting at 12 am December 31, 2008! There will also be a show at 3 am and again at 3 pm and each show will be an hour long. Lisa Bearnson will probably be presenting this for us. However, did you know you could get rebates on some of your purchases through QVC? Go here to sign up. Happy Shopping!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Get those photos printed!

As 2008 closes and Christmas is behind us, it it time to start thinking about getting those photos off your camera and printed out. It is time to scrap!!! I found this website and was told you really do get all the free stuff so try it out! I am going to give them a try as I have 400 photos on my camera another couple hundred from other people's cameras and I still am yet to receive this disks with over 2,000 wedding photos. That will be a lot of printing and I think my ink jet will just have to sit this one out!


Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm a Grandma!!!..........and loving it...........

It has been so long since I have had such a little child in my house for Christmas! And what fun! I always knew I would love being a Grandmother and this child has just proven me right. If only my son were here to make this day complete. We had a great time. Georgia chased the dogs around on her new quad that my husband picked out for her as a Christmas gift. We had snacks, did "lipstick", and fed the guinea pigs (she used to call them mouse). I think I now understand the gift of children, more so then when I had my own. It was so thrilling to see the wonder in her eyes and remember when everything and every day was new. I hope 2009 is just as wonderful as 2008, as I truly could not have asked for a better year.


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all..............

I have heard many stories this year. Some so sad, they break my heart. Some so heartless, I wonder about mankind. And some so touching, that I am warmed from head to toe. I have had a lot of heart ache and loss in my life. I have made tons of mistakes. However, this time of year reminds me that I have also been so blessed. This year I have been given the gift of people. My family has gotten so much bigger and my new online store has blessed me with the best customers ever. One lesson I have learned, it is so easy to get angry however it is even easier to forgive. Carrying anger in your heart, is work. Loving people for who they are, is easy.
Merry Christmas!!!


P.S. Please keep my son safe while he is in Iraq............I miss you, Jonathan.................

Sunday, December 21, 2008 for the man I love.............

These pictures aren't great, however I had to make my husband a card that I had not made anyone else. I used Flower Soft, stickles, JustRite Stampers, and some bling! I love bling and love Flower Soft! I wish I had spent more time on this, but Christmas is this week! How does this happen?? I have some gorgeous Flower Soft and Flower Soft toppers in my store. Go to and check it out!

Yes!!!...........I am crafting again!!!!

So am I the only one who is rushing around doing last minute Christmas stuff??? I don't think so, however I feel the pressure! I made a set of ten note cards for my mom as a Christmas gift (she loves to hand write thank you notes for all her Christmas gifts) and I am feeling a little so not! I am trying to learn how to stamp and it is so much like scrapbooking, however..........a tad overwhelming! I had a great time and I have so many creative ideas rolling around in my head. I used the gorgeous 300 piece paper set I bought at Costco, my JustRite Stampers, and my border Cuttlebug embossing folders. I like stamping, however I have so much to learn! I will become a stamper too, but my first love will always be scrapbooking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a year!

This has been quite the year for me! I have planned a wedding & missed a wedding. I have gained a son in law, a daughter in law, and a grand daughter. My dad came back into my life and I gained two brothers, two sister in laws, two nephews, and a niece. My son got deployed to Iraq. I bought an online scrapbook company and quit my job. I have cried, laughed, and often wondered how everything happened so fast. The year is coming to a close and I truly have a lot to be thankful for and am so blessed. This year I attained one of the things I have always wanted. A bigger family! Tomorrow will be a great day because I will get to play with my Grand Daughter and I will love every minute of it. Soon, I will need to start posting about scrapbooking again, as it is my one big passion in life and lets me have my private creative moments. I just have not done much of it lately, because................well life has interrupted me................


Sunday, December 14, 2008

What do you do when..........................

your child gets married and keeps it a secret? Apparently my son got married June 25, 2008 before he went to Iraq. He just told me tonight. This is so bitter sweet for me as I adore my son, his new wife Carrie, and now I am a Grandma to Georgia (Carrie's daughter). Never in my wildest dreams did I think that any of my children would keep a secret this big. They say they will have a "big wedding" when he returns, however I feel like I have already missed the wedding. Do I love all them??? Oh yeah, with all my heart!!!!!!!!!! Am I hurt??????????? Yes.............I am. My son means the world to me and he chose a wonderful young woman. I wish I could have been there for them and wish them nothing but the best. It is a sad and wonderful day for me. I have a daughter in law!!!! I have a grand daughter!!! And I am blessed!!!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here Comes the Bride.........................

Watching my little girl get married was emotional and today I am exhausted! I now have a son in law and love him to death. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. The bride and groom wrote their own vows and did an amazing job. Their vows were touching and humorous. So we laughed, we cried, we laughed again, and then back to crying. I am sad that all the hoopla is over, however I am also glad it is over and all went well. Whew! Isn't my daughter the most beautiful bride ever?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Brother Chris & His Family...........(I'm Family!!!!)

Here we all are!!! My brother Chris, my niece Ainsley, Me, and my sister in law Brandy! I can't wait until we all get into our wedding finery and take some gorgeous pictures together. My brother Sanford died October 20, 1982 and Chris looks so much like him. Every time Chris smiled I saw Sanford's smile. It was kind of surreal for me, however it made me so happy to see a brother that I loved and cherished so very much, in Chris. Chris can never replace Sanford, but I can once again see that smile I have missed for so many years. It warms my heart and I know Sanford is pleased too.


Weddings & Family...............Meeting my brother Chris

Many of you know that my father came back into my life Memorial Day weekend this year, after many years of no communication. I met my brother Evan, for the first time this summer. My daughter's wedding has brought my other brother Chris, to me. How exciting meeting him today for the first time! I am sad that we have missed so many years out of each others lives, however I am thrilled to have them in my life now and hope they will always be with me. I love both of my brothers with all my heart and hope that our futures will intertwine over and over. I gained a sister in law and a niece too! I have never had a sister and now I am blessed with two. I loved meeting my other sister in law this summer and two little nephews. It is strange to me that their children are so small and mine are all grown up, but am thrilled that although they will not be able to watch my children grow up, I can watch theirs. This is truly an exciting time in my life!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cricut Design Studio Update!

Design Studio Update Per Admin Becky on the Cricut Message board:

We are pleased to announce that the new updated version of Cricut Design Studio is now available. The new version is compatible with 32 and 64 Bit computers and along with a fixing a few bugs includes the new cartridge content for Tinker Bell and Friends, Cars, Blackletter, Hello Kitty Greetings/Font, and Sesame Street Font/Friends.

For best results when installing the new version please do the following:

****Step 1) Please remove or uninstall the old version of CDS typically through your control panel.

****Step 2) It is necessary to delete your current "CricutFontsMetadata.xml" file. This file is located in your "Cricut Folder" which is in your "Documents Folder" just double click on your Cricut Folder and you will see Projects and User Data at this point double click on the User Data and then right click on the"CricutFontsMetadata.xml" folder and delete.

****Step 3) Go to click on the Big Banner (Cricut Design Studio find out more) then on the left hand side of the next page click where it says (Download Design Studio Updates) this takes you to a third page where you will see the Download Button click and install the new version.

****Step 4) Make sure after you have installed the New Version that you update your firmware these instructions can be found under the help tab in Cricut Design Studio. And as always have fun.

Admin Becky

Click here for a direct link to this update.

Have fun all!!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Mother's First Wedding.......................

I have been so busy, as my first born child is getting married on Saturday. I flew to MN this morning to help with the last minute details, offer love & support, and watch my daughter walk down the isle and marry the one who has stolen her heart. As she starts this new chapter of her life, I remember when I was young and had stars in my eyes. It seems like only yesterday that I held her in my arms, kissed boo boos and made them all better, and read stories to her of magical places. It seems like I blinked and a young woman appeared before my eyes. How does this happen? Soon she will have little ones to cradle in her arms and scare monsters away from underneath their beds. Soon she will again discover the magic of Christmas, through the eyes of her children. And one day, she too, will blink and be preparing for a wedding. And I'm not going to miss a minute of it!
I made this card to go with the wedding gift. There were no tricks or secrets, just plain old stickers and card stock. I had been collecting wedding embellishments for months, before I bought my Cricut, so I thought I better use them. I can't wait until the bride and groom receive my secret present to them.'s a secret.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gus & Neil...........a Scrapbook page

Here are Gus (Golden Retriever) and Neil (German Shepherd mix). They are often subjects of my photos. They are my doggy fur babies and give me hours of enjoyment. I only used a couple of elements from my Cricut using the Paper Pup cartridge. I really like this cartridge as it has a lot of stuff besides just "pups". When I scrap, I like to mix it up a lot and use different items so that my pages don't look like kits pages. I do buy kits, but mix them with my other items. With it getting it colder and we even got snow here in MD yesterday, I thought that this would be a nice winter page to share with everyone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Tis the Season..............I think...........

I have been trying to get my Christmas cards done! AND! have been using different applications and am finding this so much fun, as I am so not bored by doing an "assembly line" and making the same card over and over again. I have used Cuttlebug, Spellbinders, Flower Soft, JustRite Stampers, QVC paper lace, ribbon, vellum from HSN, stickles, and all kinds of card stock. I have found that although I have tons of paper, I have no glitter paper and bought a small pack. How can this be? I have tons (and I mean tons) of paper and no glitter paper?!? This is just a small sampling of what I am doing and am loving it! I will add cricut elements to my next set of cards, as my cricut is looking at me and wondering why he is not in the mix. Well, I always save the best for last. I hope you like them. I don't think they are too bad, considering I am a scrapper and so not a card maker. I just love that I can get my creative "fix" fast by making a card. Scrapbook pages take me so much longer now and it might be because I have way too much paper and too many tools, however I love to play with them all!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Cards & Flower Soft

It is that time of year!! I started making my Christmas cards and decided to use old & new products. My use of old products was the vellum with the fir trees. I bought this on clearance at HSN and have had it since Spring. I adhered it using my xyron. I then used a "medium" old product. I bought this set of adhesive borders in all sizes and colors from QVC. Doesn't this red metallic border look gorgeous?? And the best part is they are self adhering! I then used my new product (and had to go shopping in my own store), Flower Soft. I used one of the Vintage Christmas Taglets and put some Flower Soft on it and adhered it to my card using pop dots to give it additional dimension. I love how simple and beautiful this looks. This was so fun to make and can't wait to make some more of these. Please join my store yahoo group for more ideas.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wedding Paper & SCAL

My daughter's wedding is fast approaching and I am trying to wrap up those wedding projects. I asked my daughter what she thought about the wedding guests signing on scrapbook paper (much like signing a yearbook) and she loved the idea! I will be doing her wedding album in scrapbook form, so we will add these pages to it. I thought this was a great idea, as how many times do you pull out your wedding guest book to look through? Do you even know where it is? I think it would really be nice to have it all in one place. I designed "Guests" in SCAL, cut it out, and then mounted it on scrapbook paper. Well, back to work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Card Made with Flower Soft

I needed a birthday card for a special lady in my life and thought this was the perfect opportunity to FINALLY play with Flower Soft! My customers have been enjoying it for a while and tell me how much they love it. I just look at those little containers and toppers with longing in my eyes. I finally bought some items from my own store, Cutters Creek, and I could not believe how beautiful this turned out with so little effort. I think I fought with my xyron longer than putting this card together! The picture does not do the front of this card justice as it is absolutely gorgeous. I decided to frame the inside message with Flower Soft and and add couple of swirls for effect. This was my first try, however I see lots of Flower Soft in my future! What an awesome product and I love that I was able to get in on this with Katy Sue Designs. My scrapbooks are covered in flowers & butterflies and now I think I will cover them with Flower Soft too!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

JustRite Stampers & Me

So I have finally played with this new product that I am now selling at! With my daughter's impending wedding I thought I would try my hand at some simple thank you cards. I used their "married" monogram and added a thank you message and then cut them all out with my Spellbinder dies and Cuttlebug. A little adhesive and voila! A monogrammed thank you card for the bride and groom. This was my first project using this tool and it was a lot of fun. I may turn into a stamper yet and would love to try my hand at some more intricate and advanced techniques. I love making my own cards and doing and saying what I would like to say. It beats standing in the card store for an hour trying to find that "perfect" card that says all the things I want to say and has all the elements I am looking for.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

A good cause, please help!

Dan from "My Crafty Life" posted this challenge and encouraged us all to pass it on. And as a butterfly lover (my scrapbooks are covered in them) I was interested first, because of the word butterfly, second because Dan had a free SCAL file for a butterfly, and then third (which actually now is first) because of a wonderful task/challenge posted to all creators of butterfly art. Scrapbookers fall into this category! Here are some excerpts from Dan's blog regarding this and I hope you will participate. I am going to make some!
From Dan's blog:
"The Holocaust Museum in Houston is planning a major exhibition in Spring 2012, to commemorate the 1.5 million children who died during the Holocaust.And that's where you and I come in - the exhibition will take the form of a breathtaking display of 1.5 million butterflies, 1 for each child that died needlessly. The museum is asking for our help. They want crafters/scrapbookers/stampers like us to create the butterflies for them and send them to the museum. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something that is so worthwhile and meaningful!There are no rules other than your butterflies can be no larger than 8" x 10" and must NOT have glitter on them. The examples I've shown here have been stamped, but you can use patterned papers and embellishments, paint and inks, whatever is your style.You can find more information about the project here:
I cannot share the free cut file for the butterflies he created. However click the link at the top of my blog entry, to his blog, and then you are more than welcome to get the download for yourself. This seems like a wonderful tribute and I hope all than can, will participate.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it really time for holiday card making???

Christmas is approaching quickly and I thought I would post this card I made for a contest. Needless to say, I didn't win. I think it was just too simple. I cut the card by hand and added some vellum that has a slight coloring of fir trees in the background. I then designed "peace" using SCAL and then ran it through my xyron and poured glitter all over it. I then cut another piece of card stock to make a strip and then ran "peace" through my xyron again and attached it to the strip and then attached the strip to my card. Yep, way too easy! Although my scrapbooking has evolved so much, I think I am still lacking in the card department. I like making cards though, and will keep trying to make better and better cards. I also like that with cards, it doesn't take forever, like some of the scrapbooks I am working on. Cards are more of an instant gratification thing, although then I have to give them away. My only hope is that those that get a hand made card from me, are not reading it and then throwing it away. Hopefully, it is being cherished, like any other handmade item.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Flower Soft & Card Making

Here is an example of a card made using Flower Soft. Don't the flowers look so life like? They were made using the Flower Soft Wires, Flowers Soft Glue, & Flower Soft. Who would not love to get this handmade card? My contact over at Flower Soft says this product is really taking off in the US. Katy Sue Deigns originated in the UK and it looks like I got in just in time, as they can't add any more vendors, due to the overwhelming response. I am adding new accessories every day to use with this product, so go check out and pick up some Flower Soft for all your projects.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tinker Bell & Friends

I have been waiting so patiently for this cartridge for my Cricut. Provo Craft is shipping them out and now I have mine! I could not wait to cut Tinker Bell out, however I had to ship all Cutters Creek orders first. My reward is that I am finally getting to play. Isn't she beautiful? I used stickles on her wings and head band. There are many other things to cut like butterflies, flowers, phrases, etc. I see a lot of glitter and stickles in my future.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flower Soft-Free Samples!!!

I got my first order of Flower Soft and this is what it looks like up close and personal. I have decided to give all my customers, who are on the fence about this product, a free sample this week. I know there are things you need to buy to make all those holiday cards and gifts, so I thought maybe a free sample of this new product was in order. If you are a new or an existing customer, run over to Cutters Creek and place an order. You can try Flower Soft and then come back for more! This offer will expire at 12 am EST October 31, 2008, so hurry on over. (The photo depicts a full size product and not a sample.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sports Mania & Calligraphy Collection (New!)

So my Provo Craft rep finally told me these two new cartridges will be released December 10, 2008. We have all been looking at them in Design Studio, as they are in there for our viewing pleasure with the latest update. I keep getting questions about these and it now seems Cutters Creek is the first store to put these gems up for pre order. They both look like a lot of fun and I can't wait to see them in person. The Sports Mania appears to have a little bit of everything and the Calligraphy Collection is a gorgeous font cartridge. Run over to and place your pre order now!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I won! The EstyScrap contest!

I belong to EstyScrap which is a community of scrappers who have shops on Etsy. I entered the tag contest and won! How cool is that? I believe they will now feature my Etsy Shop for the next week. I have been so busy with Cutters Creek and my daughter's wedding, I have not been creating much to add to my shop lately. I have a ton of ideas and supplies to get some things done, so hopefully I'll get some new items up soon. Click here to see the EstyScrap Blog.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tinkerbell & Friends

Provo Craft has a lot of "must have" cartridges coming out this month. Everyone wants Hello Kitty, Cars, Sesame Street, & Wild Card. I bought Wild Card already (ssshhhhh.........) at AC Moore. The one I want, the one I can't wait for is Tinkerbell and Friends. I am a huge fan of Peter Pan and loved Tinkerbell. What a cool fairy! She is beautiful, romantic, and has wings!! My scrapbooks are covered in butterflies, however I see a lot of fairies in my future. It won't be much longer now, but I cannot wait to have this must have cartridge for my Cricuts. Well, I'm off to scrap again and dream of fairies.

Christmas Solutions Cartridge at Cutters Creek!

The new Christmas Solutions cartridges arrived at Cutters Creek yesterday! (I also got Basketball and Sans Serif.) I could not help opening one up and exploring it. I shipped everyone elses out first, of course. This is like all the old fashioned Christmas time movies and store windows we remember from a time gone by. I love all the cuts on this cartridge and my only wish is that Provo Craft had made this a full size cartridge. I do more Christmas holiday pages than any other and will really get a lot of use out of this one. I think this is the only solutions cartridge that I am really, really impressed with. I cut "season's greetings" with red card stock and then ran this through my xyron and then sprinkled crystal diamond fairy dust. I then mounted it on the shadow black out cut on the cartridge. Isn't it gorgeous? Well, I'm off to go scrapbook and play with my new toy!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flower Soft is now at Cutters Creek!

This is a new and fantastic product. They are tiny little flowers and they are so perfect for card makers and scrapbookers! I am now selling this at Cutters Creek and the ladies seem to love it already. Here is a little blurb from the Flower Soft site: Flower Soft is the most exciting and versatile craft product for years. This is what customers all over England have said to us when we demonstrate this simple and effective product. It can make fantastic realistic miniature flowers and plants in minutes, which can then be used to decorate your cards, scrap pages, presents, pictures, eggs, dolls houses and much more. Not only does it create flowers but is also creates a floral effect on text, borders and designs. Use with peel offs stamps or print from your PC. It's so simple; all you need is PVA glue and imagination! Even the kids love it. Sold in 30ml pots a little goes a long way. So run over to my store and check it out! As always, all orders over $20.00, shipping is free!! (Vintage Christmas is shown in the photo above.)


Meet My "Grand Dog" Brandi!

I scrapped this page of my "Grand Dog" Brandi. She is the sweetest dog and she owns my daughter Kim. Brandi now also owns Sean, my daughter's fiance. The two times I have flown out to MN to see my daughter, I have treats in hand like any good Grandmother does. I can't wait to go out to MN in December. My daughter will be getting married and I will have so much to scrapbook.


Friday, October 10, 2008

SCAL UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment that all us SCAL users have been waiting for has finally happened! SCAL is now compatible with all cricut machines!! Todd at Craftedge is awesome! He has a wonderful product and I personally use it all the time, not to mention sell it in my store at So everyone start updating your Design Studio and SCAL and have some great time creating! Click here to get the new update to SCAL. Click here to get the newest update for Design Sutdio. And don't forget to update your firmware too!! I am off to go play with my cricut machines!!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Catching Up!

I have neglected my blog for a while, as I have been quite the busy woman. I bought an online scrapbook store and that has really kept me on my toes. I have had many challenges, however I am conquering those challenges one at a time. So yes, my scrapbook obsession continues and still cannot believe I am an owner of a business. As I work out the bugs, it has become more fun. In the beginning, I smiled little and was frustrated a lot. I love all my customers. They are interesting, charming, and funny.
On another note, my son is now in Iraq. I really don't know how other family members cope with this. I try not to think about it, however I can't help but worry. I am keeping busy with the new business, but it is always there in the back of my mind. I am proud of my son and my hats off to him for what he does.
So I am going to catch up and start posting again! Yeah! I have some projects going and some new cartridges for my cricut. I have Wild Card and Don Juan and really need to get busy!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dad & Me

The last time I saw my Dad, I was 17 years old. Nearly 30 years later, he is back in my life & it is almost (but not quite) like we never missed a beat. It amazes me how much Dad & I are alike. Looking at this photo, I can see how much we look like each other too. My dad came to visit me & stayed for four days. He brought his fiance, Rosie. She is such a nice lady & I so enjoyed getting to know her further. I think my dad should marry her ASAP! I am looking forward to the next time we will see each other, as we each have missed so much already. This year has been so exciting and life changing for me. I have so much to scrapbook & no time to do it, however I will be making some time to catch up soon.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Graphically Speaking & Storybook Font Craze!

So the Jukeboxes have been released & now the new cartridges are out too! Storybook Font & Graphically Speaking. I wanted SB so bad, I could not stand it. I thought this would be perfect for my daughter's wedding book. Well! Let me tell you! GS is jammed packed full of goodies & the word & number jumbles are awesome. There is a little bit of everything. I love the clocks too. I am going to have more fun with this than I thought! Here are just a few of the cuts you can make with this cartridge. I think I need to cut some more stuff!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Mother & A Very Young Son who is a Marine

Through all my excitement of CHA & wanting all the cool new stuff coming out, it hit me today that it is getting ever closer to the time my son deploys to Iraq. I completed this layout this year. It was a very proud moment indeed. My son had survived boot camp & became a Marine. He graduated in July of last year & I drove to SC to honor this mighty achievement. It was such a proud moment & one I will never forget. He has now been a Marine for a year & at 19 years old I still worry very much. I made this page using the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge & various other embellishments from my stash. I am sad this 19 year old of mine will be on his way to Iraq in a few weeks, but boy am I proud of the fine young man he has become. I love you Jon! And a special "Thank You" to all of our military members who serve or who have served our country. I know I am proud to be an American!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New blade housing for the Cricut Machines

The Cricut Machine just keeps getting more versatile! The Cricut by Provo Craft is one of the easier die cutting machines available on the market to use. As Provo Craft keeps adding to the Cricut family, we find how far we can take this machine. This is the new housing & cutting blades made for the Cricut machines. I like that it is another color, so I know immediately which type blade is left in my machine. The color change was a great idea! This is what Provo Craft says about this new housing & blades:
Slice thicker material with ease! Shorter housing provides greater clearance for heavier materials, allowing you to cut material up to 1.5 mm thick. Use it for chipboard, wood veneer, magnet sheets, vinyl, and much more!
Wow! No more "multi cut" for me! That will be so nice to be able to make one cut. I can't wait to get mine!

Cricut Expressions Shoulder Bag!

So there is finally a bag that I can tote my Cricut Expressions in & in style! Provo Craft did not intend the Expressions to be portable, that is what the smaller model is for, but people like me tote our big bug around any way. I love the new bag & it will fit both machines.

Provo Craft info: This terrific tote will fit any Cricut® machine, expanding to a huge 8" x 22" x 9". Use it for transportation or storage its tough nylon and liner provide protection. Includes extra pockets for storage, removable shoulder strap, and handles. Lined in green with white polka dots.

Something else I will need to poor credit card!


"YourStory" Thermal Book Binder/Laminater New at CHA

This looks like fun for word books, make your own scrapbooks, and so much more!

Provo craft says:

Create personalized books, albums, and journals with ease! YourStory™ is a thermal book binder with unmatched versatility-it is perfect for creating unique gifts, memory books, and a host of paper crafting projects. The themed kits for special events and holidays make YourStory™ the perfect choice for first time crafters and veterans alike.

I think I'm going to like this one!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Solutions Cartridge Christmas!

This one of my favorite CHA releases today! I love the "old fashion" Christmas feel this solutions cartridge gives the feel for. I am buying this one! And I cannot wait! Please don't make me wait until October........................

Solutions Cartridge Blackletter

CHA had so many new things to share today.................I love this one! I have never really wanted a solutions cartridge until I saw this one & one more.....................


Solutions Cartridge Sans Serif

Here is the preview of the Sans Serif Solutions Cartridge.


Basketball Solutions Cartridge

CHA has all kinds of suprises! Here is a preview of the new Basketball Solutions Cartidge.

But wait! There's more! Tinker Bell & Cars

Wow! These were also "realeased" at CHA today. I love Tinker Bell and would love all the "fairy" stuff. I see a butterfly...........and my scrapbooks are covered in butterflies & flowers! I sure cannot wait to give the Tinker Bell cartridge a "whirl".

CHA & Sesame Street

How cute is this? This was released at CHA today & I love it. How many of you are going to buy this new cartridge? I love the Cookie Monster & Elmo too.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sesame Street & Hello Kitty Announced!

Wow! Provo Craft has announced its newest addition to the crciut cartridge library to be released in October. These cartridges will be a great addition to all you scrappers & card makers, as who does not love Sesame Street & Hello Kitty? Here is a copy of the statement:

Business Wire - Press Release
Take Your Cricut to Sesame Street
07.15.08, 11:22 AM ET

The wildly popular furry monsters from Sesame Street will soon be
Available to users of Provo Craft's Cricut(R) Personal Electronic
Cutter, thanks to a new partnership with Sesame Workshop, the non-
Profit educational organization behind the Sesame Street show.

The Sesame Street cartridge features everyone's favorite characters
From Sesame Street that children and adults of all ages have come to
Know and love, including Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and
Ernie. The classic Sesame Street fonts are also available on the
Cartridges, giving Cricut users more than 750 patterns to choose
From. The Cricut will cut the designs on a variety of materials,
From card stock to vellum to vinyl, at the click of a button.

"Sesame Street has been the gold standard for nearly 40 years, and
Its characters are loved by both children and adults alike," said
Tonia Conger, Provo Craft's director of marketing. "We developed the
Sesame Street cartridge to give Cricut users the ability to bring
Elmo and his friends into their homes and to use their imagination
In recreating their favorite scenes."

The Sesame Street cartridge will be on display at the Craft & Hobby
Association' s annual Summer Convention and Trade Show in Rosemont,
Ill. Also on display are several other new Provo Craft products,
Including a Hello Kitty(R) cartridge, the new Cricut Jukebox device
And the DesignStudio( TM) software. Attendees are welcome to stop by
And preview the products as well as meet with walk-around Elmo, who
Will be making a special appearance at the booth (#1009) during the

Provo Craft also welcomes everyone to stop by their booth and
Participate in "Make and Give," a program in which guests create
Free coloring books featuring Sesame Street characters to be donated
To destitute children in Africa through Tifie Humanitarian.

The Sesame Street cartridge will be available at arts & crafts
Retailers nationwide in late October 2008, with a suggested retail
Price of $99.99.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jukebox & the Cricut

Nope! You don't put money in it. This is one of the latest & greatest new toys released by Provo Craft to use with the Cricut machines. Mine will be shipped next week & I can't wait! This will be a great addition to my Design Studio & SCAL software. How nice will to be not to constantly swap cartridges, and just cut, cut, cut! This is how it works: You can simultaneously use up to six Cricut cartridges in the Jukebox base, connect it to any Cricut machine, and select your cartridge with just the push of a button! Keep Cricut cartridges all at your fingertips! Link up to three Jukebox core units at a time, allowing you to use 18 cartridges with ease. Stack and connect Jukebox tops to access your entire cartridge collection! Portable cartridge storage and carry case. Convenient and easy to use. Never swap Cricut cartridges again! I love new toys & cannot wait to get this!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is Everything Really Black or White???

I started a scrapbook to capture some "missing pieces" in my life. This about my dad & for me to do some healing & to live memories that I never got to live, from a man that I have always thought to be very interesting. Although this has nothing to do with my Cricut, it will as I add elements to the pages. I will have fun using SCAL & Design Studio to create a beautiful book. It reads:

"So, we all go around living our lives and doing our own things. We have choices every day to make, and hope that we make the right ones. We use laws of the land and common sense to get us through each day. Most things are very black & white and most decisions are relatively easy. So what do you do, when there are a lot of gray areas to choose from, and the easiness of black & white are no longer there? Well, you do the best you can with what you have.

So on May 24th, 2008 I received a phone call from a man I have not seen in nearly 30 years. I have not spoken to him since 1989, the year my son was born. This man is my father. He has been an absentee parent almost all my whole life. He was there in the beginning and then **poof** gone! He had taken relatively no interest in me. I am his only daughter and his oldest child. My parents also had my brother Sanford, who committed suicide October 20, 1982. My father went on to remarry and have another family. They had two children, Chris & Evan.

So now I need to make some decisions. I thought that this was something I would never have to do, as it became painfully obvious to me, when I called my dad and told him he had another grandchild and that he was just not interested. It is very hard to know you have a father out there somewhere & you just don’t know. As an adult, I realized it was nothing I did nor was there anything I could do to change this. People do what people want to do, and you can control no one, only yourself & your own actions. My whole life I have been making lemonade out of lemons and it usually works out just fine for me.

Although it makes me so sad my dad has missed so much. I am thrilled he has made the decision to be a part of my life now. I cannot obsess or wonder why & really do not have the energy. I forgive this man who has missed so much. He is my dad, the man who I emulate the most & look like. He is crazy smart & has had many adventures. He has been a police officer, and airline pilot, and is quite the athlete. Yep! My dad is buff! Can you imagine? He provided me this blurb on my family history:

“My grandparents on both sides emigrated from the Ukraine. My Grandfather on my mother's side came from a very wealthy family. He was a very cultured man who played the violin and loved classical music. We looked very much alike. His father was an official of some kind. He fell in love with my grandmother and paid to move himself and her mother and father and 7 siblings to the USA. I believe they married when she was 15.”

So no, not everything is black & white. Sometimes it is very gray, and I am thrilled to find out what the future holds! Here are missing pieces of my life & I will probably cry a lot, while putting this album together. But to not have this opportunity would just make me into another child wandering the world wondering why."

So Dad.........................this one is for you!

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