Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cricut Expressions Shoulder Bag!

So there is finally a bag that I can tote my Cricut Expressions in & in style! Provo Craft did not intend the Expressions to be portable, that is what the smaller model is for, but people like me tote our big bug around any way. I love the new bag & it will fit both machines.

Provo Craft info: This terrific tote will fit any Cricut® machine, expanding to a huge 8" x 22" x 9". Use it for transportation or storage its tough nylon and liner provide protection. Includes extra pockets for storage, removable shoulder strap, and handles. Lined in green with white polka dots.

Something else I will need to poor credit card!



Joy said...

It looks so cute-- not too much green (I'm not the biggest fan of the kelly green). I also tote my big one around. I gave my baby Cricut to my daughter...
I hope it is available now and not in the fall. Someone said it would be available in the fall.

Katrina said...

Where did you find it so soon? Would love to know as I have a weekend retreat in September and it would ber awesome to have it before then!

Please email:

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