Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Ecstasy Crafts Card

This is another Ecstasy Crafts item that adds more to the card. This is a 5X7 card with a red glitter topper. Stickles were added to the Ecstasy Craft product after putting it together with foam dots and adhering it to the red glitter topper. I then chose one of the "Merry Christmas" gold sentiments and colored it with my copic marker R59 to match the reds in my card. This was very simple again, however adding more of a personal touch. I have more projects in mind, for the crafters that want to do more complicated cards. Again, I could have added more to this, however it is still simple and easy. All these items are for sale at Cutters Creek, please come check them out!

Ecstasy Crafts Kits Made Into Cards

These are two very simple cards I made with the new Ecstasy Crafts Kits Cutters Creek is now selling. I will do some more invloved projects with the items I have put together, however I wanted to show that even beginners can put these together and adhere them to a card front and call it a day. Combined, these two cards took me fifteen minutes at most to do. I love sitting in front of the TV and popping the layers out (no scissors needed!) and building them up with foam squares and putting them in a Lock & Lock container for later use. Even these simple cards make you look like a super star!! Each project is numbered on how to build it, so you can't go wrong with these and they are so gorgeous, yet very inexpensive. And don't forget to check out the peel off sayings and embellishments. You can color these right in the sheet (if you want to change the color) with copics and match your colors!

Yahoo Is Acting Wonky!!

Here is the picture of the tote giveaway going on at Cutters Creek and my wonderful customers can't see the the photo in the group.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our New Edition to the Family

I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been so crazy and my online store Cutters Creek, has been crazy busy! I have been shipping out eCrafts for two weeks now and more arrived today. I seem to eat & sleep shipping. However after the extremely long wait for the eCraft machine from Craftwell, I sure do have some very happy customers out there. They are cutting their hearts out and sharing their findings in my eCraft yahoo group and love all the updates I have been giving them in the group regarding the shipping of their machines. A lot of them are now stalking UPS!

So during all this craziness, we adopted another cockatiel named Sunset. She is seven and is the sweetest bird. She loves kisses and loves her head and back stroked. She is so beautiful in person and we are falling in love with her already. So is my male cockatiel, Bailey. He has taken to hanging upside down like a bat, to get her attention. I call Sunset "pretty girl" and now Bailey is saying "pretty girl" when I appoach her cage. I think he has got it bad for her!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Marine & His Daughter

How surreal to see my baby holding his baby. My son just returned for Afghanistan a few days ago and met his daughter that was born a couple weeks ago. I use to do the same thing with him. I would feed him and lay down on the couch and he would fall asleep on my chest, listening to my heart beat, much like when he was in utero. And isn't his step daughter stinking cute?!?!? She has also won my heart over!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me & Anna Griffin.....Long Live the Queen

I have sooooooooooo neglected my blog! Traveling to CHA and then trying to ship orders and load new products in my store, has got the best of me! Last year I took a pic with Tim Holtz and this year, I thought I was going to die when I spotted Anna Griffin in her booth at CHA! I personally own so much of her items and love, love, love them!!!! To me, she is the Queen of paper crafting and I am her unworthy servant and will cherish this photo for the rest of my life.

Thank you Anna!!!! I am so not worthy!!!

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