Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Brother Chris & His Family...........(I'm Family!!!!)

Here we all are!!! My brother Chris, my niece Ainsley, Me, and my sister in law Brandy! I can't wait until we all get into our wedding finery and take some gorgeous pictures together. My brother Sanford died October 20, 1982 and Chris looks so much like him. Every time Chris smiled I saw Sanford's smile. It was kind of surreal for me, however it made me so happy to see a brother that I loved and cherished so very much, in Chris. Chris can never replace Sanford, but I can once again see that smile I have missed for so many years. It warms my heart and I know Sanford is pleased too.



Sheri said...

Ahhh've touched my heart. I'm so very happy for you.

ohscrap said...

Family ROCKS! Keep enjoying and sharing. ~Linda

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