Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jukebox & the Cricut

Nope! You don't put money in it. This is one of the latest & greatest new toys released by Provo Craft to use with the Cricut machines. Mine will be shipped next week & I can't wait! This will be a great addition to my Design Studio & SCAL software. How nice will to be not to constantly swap cartridges, and just cut, cut, cut! This is how it works: You can simultaneously use up to six Cricut cartridges in the Jukebox base, connect it to any Cricut machine, and select your cartridge with just the push of a button! Keep Cricut cartridges all at your fingertips! Link up to three Jukebox core units at a time, allowing you to use 18 cartridges with ease. Stack and connect Jukebox tops to access your entire cartridge collection! Portable cartridge storage and carry case. Convenient and easy to use. Never swap Cricut cartridges again! I love new toys & cannot wait to get this!

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