Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sesame Street & Hello Kitty Announced!

Wow! Provo Craft has announced its newest addition to the crciut cartridge library to be released in October. These cartridges will be a great addition to all you scrappers & card makers, as who does not love Sesame Street & Hello Kitty? Here is a copy of the statement:

Business Wire - Press Release
Take Your Cricut to Sesame Street
07.15.08, 11:22 AM ET

The wildly popular furry monsters from Sesame Street will soon be
Available to users of Provo Craft's Cricut(R) Personal Electronic
Cutter, thanks to a new partnership with Sesame Workshop, the non-
Profit educational organization behind the Sesame Street show.

The Sesame Street cartridge features everyone's favorite characters
From Sesame Street that children and adults of all ages have come to
Know and love, including Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert and
Ernie. The classic Sesame Street fonts are also available on the
Cartridges, giving Cricut users more than 750 patterns to choose
From. The Cricut will cut the designs on a variety of materials,
From card stock to vellum to vinyl, at the click of a button.

"Sesame Street has been the gold standard for nearly 40 years, and
Its characters are loved by both children and adults alike," said
Tonia Conger, Provo Craft's director of marketing. "We developed the
Sesame Street cartridge to give Cricut users the ability to bring
Elmo and his friends into their homes and to use their imagination
In recreating their favorite scenes."

The Sesame Street cartridge will be on display at the Craft & Hobby
Association' s annual Summer Convention and Trade Show in Rosemont,
Ill. Also on display are several other new Provo Craft products,
Including a Hello Kitty(R) cartridge, the new Cricut Jukebox device
And the DesignStudio( TM) software. Attendees are welcome to stop by
And preview the products as well as meet with walk-around Elmo, who
Will be making a special appearance at the booth (#1009) during the

Provo Craft also welcomes everyone to stop by their booth and
Participate in "Make and Give," a program in which guests create
Free coloring books featuring Sesame Street characters to be donated
To destitute children in Africa through Tifie Humanitarian.

The Sesame Street cartridge will be available at arts & crafts
Retailers nationwide in late October 2008, with a suggested retail
Price of $99.99.


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