Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving Welcome Table

I always look forward to Fall and the holiday season because it is a prime crafting time for me.  I love making cards to send out to family and friends.  I also love to come up with other crafty things as they pop into my head.  So although my scrapbooking kind of goes by the way side, it's all good because I am still crafting!  The biggest challenge I find for holiday crafting is getting it done because it really is a busy time of the year.  What I do is start early and what is early?  I am already making Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas cards in July!  Those are now pretty much done so I am working on my decor projects.  

Every Thanksgiving I set up a card table as the kids table.  What I love to do is set it up as a decor piece until our actual meal so that my guests get a little "eye candy" while they are coming in and out of the kitchen area.  Everyone also knows this is where I put some type of kids craft project as well.  Everyone is excited to see what the kids are going to do because it is usually something enjoyable and frankly I have some adults that like to get in on the fun too so I usually make extra for my "big kids".  I like to do a "dry run" of what it will look like so that if I need to make any adjustments or add/subtract something from my design I will know before the big day and I can easily get it done now instead of later.   Here is what the table looks like all set up:

I just love how my "WELCOME" sign turned out!  Deflecto's 3" X 4" Mini Frames were so perfect for this.  They also have a 1.5" X 2" Mini Frame as well if you are looking for something smaller.  They both come in a package of ten.  I cut the 3" X 4" rectangles and the word "WELCOME" on my Cricut Explore.  I grabbed some of my leaf punches and used some Fall colored paper and punched a bunch of leaves out to jazz up my lettering.  I then glued everything together and inserted my message in my Deflecto 3" X 4" Mini Frames.  Here is a close up:


I have a kid's activity every year.  We round the children up approx 30 minutes before dinner while myself and my helpers are letting the turkey rest, whipping potatoes, making gravy, baking rolls, heating veggies, etc....and getting everything on the table and pouring the wine and water.  So while this is all going on, we can get the kids seated and they are in place when we are ready to say grace and serve dinner.  An activity or project is the perfect way to get them all settled in and for the picky eaters, they can remain seated and continue their activity.  Here is a close up of this year's activity:


I made Thanksgiving Coloring Card Favors.  Although Elmo is the star of this project, the bigger star is Deflecto's Angled Sign Holder.  They come in a set of ten. Deflecto's Angled Sign Holder allows me to display my coloring card favors proudly, they become part of the decor, and they each wish everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving".  Here is a closer look:

Now everything will go in a box and put away until the day before Thanksgiving.  As you can see I already have a table cloth, center piece, candles, bowl for fruit, sign, and activity already to go.  Now on to Christmas!

If you’re interested in purchasing the items used in this project and more, then tune in on November 14th to Create and Craft for their first ever feature of Deflecto’s new Event Kit. The perfect kit for your next party, get yours before they’re gone! Click HERE find where to watch!

 The Create and Craft Event Kit:

I hope you enjoyed my project!  Please feel free to leave me a comment!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Coffee & Tea With Deflecto

If you are like me, you have very little counter space so any new appliance or gadget that gets prime real estate on your counter is an item that you use or need all of the time.  I have one of those pod coffee makers and love it, however I have no room on my counter for any of the racks that are currently on the market.  The carousel type rack takes up too much of a footprint and the ones that you can set the coffee brewer on top of, don't work for us because our cupboards are too low.  So when I first discovered Deflecto's Stackable Caddy Organizer, not only did I want to purchase them for my crafting items, I had a new idea!  I now store all those coffee pods in a Stackable Caddy Organizer!  And because you get a large, medium, and small container in each caddy I expanded my idea and put my pods in the large container, tea bags in the medium container, and sugar packets in the small container.  The best part is the entire caddy and contents go in a cabinet and don't take up any counter space.  When hubby and I are up and drinking our morning coffee or tea, we pull the caddy out, open all the lids, and set it on our stove.  When we are done, we close the lids and put it away no fuss, no muss.  I would have actually labeled all of my containers using vinyl and my cricut, however I sometimes use this same container to entertain my fellow crafting friends, and I sometimes swap out the items in the individual containers for something like chocolates and tea cookies.  Maybe I just need to buy another Stackable Caddy Organizer so that my inner crafter can cut some vinyl on my cricut and label everything to include a crafting tea and coffee day!  This weekend I had some crafty friends over that featured my coffee/tea bar and I took a few pics, so let's look at my system.  It is officially fall now so I had a bit of a Halloween theme going on: 

Below are all the containers open for easy access for my guests.  You can see the coffee pods on the left side in the large container, the tea bags in the medium container on the right side, and the smallest container holds sugar packets.  If you try and replicate this, your first question will be, how in the world were you able to make the lids stay open like that?!? 

Easy peasy and here is my secret, I add twist ties on each end to hold the lids up:

Here is what everything looks like when you remove all of the containers from the caddy:

And here are the containers removed from the caddy with the lids opened:

My gal pals can pick what they like and go over the pod coffee maker and brew coffee, hot chocolate, hot water for tea, ice tea, etc......  and come back to the table and add some sugar and cream if they like.  This works so well because usually they are all in different phases of brewing and making their beverages.  I sometimes put out all the same cups, however mostly I put out a variety of cup choices so they are busy debating over who gets which cup.  It really is a lot of fun and it assures my pod brewer does not have my gal pals waiting for their favorite beverages. And isn't this a fun idea for the upcoming holiday season?!?

Defelcto's Stackable Caddy Organizer has solved a storage issue in my home besides being one of my favorite go to crafting organizers.  I love that I can open the containers with one hand, whether I am crafting or making my favorite coffee or tea.  I love that the units can all stack and lock together and, I love that all the containers are clear so I can see what is inside.  Clear storage has become important to me because if you can see it, you will use it!  Also Defelcto sells a mounting bar, so all of those containers can hang on the wall if you like, how fun is that?!?  Also each container can be purchased separately, so if you are in love with a particular size you can buy as many as you like and let them stand alone or mount them on the wall with the mounting bar.

Remember with Defelcto and the Stackable Caddy OrganizerCreate. Store. Create More. ™ 

I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me and my gal pals for our coffee and tea crafting party!   Please leave me a comment and if you have any questions regarding this post please ask! 

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