Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it really time for holiday card making???

Christmas is approaching quickly and I thought I would post this card I made for a contest. Needless to say, I didn't win. I think it was just too simple. I cut the card by hand and added some vellum that has a slight coloring of fir trees in the background. I then designed "peace" using SCAL and then ran it through my xyron and poured glitter all over it. I then cut another piece of card stock to make a strip and then ran "peace" through my xyron again and attached it to the strip and then attached the strip to my card. Yep, way too easy! Although my scrapbooking has evolved so much, I think I am still lacking in the card department. I like making cards though, and will keep trying to make better and better cards. I also like that with cards, it doesn't take forever, like some of the scrapbooks I am working on. Cards are more of an instant gratification thing, although then I have to give them away. My only hope is that those that get a hand made card from me, are not reading it and then throwing it away. Hopefully, it is being cherished, like any other handmade item.


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