Saturday, January 31, 2015

All Anna Griffin!

From my previous post, you know I am a huge fan of Anna Griffin card kits and a lot of the cards I give out are from those kits.  However a lot of them are actually not from her kits but from different elements of things I have purchased that are everything Anna.  Hence this card shown here:

Everyone of these elements are from something different that I purchased but still have that Anna Griffin card kit look that I love.  The butterflies are from Antique Botanical Die Cuts, the swirl embellishment is from Foil Flourishes, the outer sentiment is from Sentiment Stickers, the card base is from Perfect Palette, and the card liner is from Heartfelt Sentiments.  This card took me a matter of minutes to put together and it turned out as a nice sympathy card.  One thing that I really love about Anna Griffin's items is they all work together so nicely even though they are different items purchased at totally different times.  I hope you enjoyed my card!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #4

I am a paper crafter and I just love all the tools and toys to come join in and play with me and my paper.  My forte and expertise lie in the scrapbooking end of paper crafting.  Don't get me wrong, I do other things with my paper, however I am more confident and creative when I scrapbook.  Saying all that, I do make cards too.  I am just not very good at it, or maybe it is better said that I am just okay at it.  When I purchased my very first cricut machine in March 2008 was when I decided I was not ever going to purchase another store bought card, as I had plenty of scraps and supplies on hand to create my own cards.  Before that time, I spent a TON of money at the Hallmark store each year.  However how I like to supplement my card making is with kits and if you have never purchased an Anna Griffin card making kit, you are missing out!  So today's tip is buy a kit:

I made these 20 cards in a few hours from start to finish.  Anna Griffin card kits are all inclusive except for a tape runner.  You get the card bases, the card decorative layers, embellishments, exterior sentiments, interior card liners with sentiments, satin bows, a place to sign your name on the back, and foam squares.  All you have to do it select your items from the coordinating pieces supplied and assemble. This was the All About Love card kit and it was perfect to put together with Valentine's Day right around the corner.  The best part about Anna's kits are, you can literally put eight embellishments on per card and still have leftovers for other projects. 

This same tip is great for card makers that might not be as confident making scrapbook pages.  Buy a kit!  Just assemble and add photos and you're done!  I hope you enjoyed my tip today and it inspires you to get crafting this weekend.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Four Generations Of Women

As a scrapbooker, one of my most favorite types of photos to take are ones that have multiple generations in one picture.  I think these are great to scrapbook and a great way to leave your legacy for your family.  The first one I ever took was when my daughter was around 16 months (she is now 31) and it was her, myself, my mom, and my grand mother.  My grand mother passed on in 1992, but for me it is such a great keepsake.  Now that my children are having children, it is my mission to take more of these photos and my hope is that myself and relatives will live long enough to possibly get five generations.  The layout I completed features one of these four generation photos I have taken on Mother's Day 2013.  This is my two grand daughters (at the time I only had these little ladies), my daughter in law, me, and my mother.

The paper, vellum quote, and embellishments are K&Company, the border punch is Martha Stewart, the tag is from Anna Griffin's Totally Tags, and the ribbon is American Crafts.  I used Perfect Layers to may my photos.  I hope you enjoyed my project!  Did you get any crafting done this weekend?  Please leave me a comment and let me know. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #3

It's Friday once again, TGIF!  This time of year is cold, snowy, and icy for a lot of us and on these cold days and nights, I prefer to stay inside.  This is the perfect time to do all those indoor activities.  For me it is crafting, and I do love a nice big cup of steaming hot chocolate.  I plan on getting some scrapbooking done this weekend and since I won't have football to break up my time, I really should get some things done.  I seem to have five or more scrapbooks going at one time.  I feel it helps me with my creativity.  Right now I have a book about Oliver (my cat), Bailey (my bird), my grand children, my youngest grand daughter, my dad, and my life scrapbook.  I also need to start a heritage album and and ABC book for my youngest grand daughter.  And in between, I am doing books for other family members along the way.  Wow!  now that I wrote that down that sure is a lot!  Do you do one book at a time or do you have many books going like I do?  I would sure like to know I am not! 

My tip for today is matting.  For you scrapbookers out there I recommend that you always mat your photos in some form or fashion.  What happens when you mat your photos is,  you ground them so they are not floating in space.  More often than not when someone asks my opinion about a layout and tell me they think something is missing, its mats.  Matting also helps ground your other elements like titles, embellishments, borders, etc.....  Matting is nothing more than putting a border around your photograph.  It does not have to be boring as you can get creative with double and triple matting to add to the theme and colors.  You can color block where you add different shapes and colors to your matting.  You can also use your dies to mat.  These are just a few of the many ways you can mat photos.  Here is s photo I double matted to bring more of the colors together:

And here is a photo using my dies to mat:

And here is my project where I used both single and double matting to make my focal picture stand out:

I believe the background paper is K&Company, the border punch is Martha Stewart, my title is thickers by American Crafts, the journaling tag is from Anna Griffin's Totally Tags collection, and the ribbon is from my stash.  When I use a whole piece of decorative scrapbook paper as my background, I tend not to embellish too much as it looks like my craft room sneezed on my project when I do that.  After all, the focus should be on your photos and story and not on all the extras.  They should be there as a supporting roll to help your story along and not cover it all up. 

I hope you enjoyed my tip and project today!  I know I will be crafting this weekend, will you?  Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Love My Grand Children!

Did you get crafty this weekend?  I sure did!  I went to an all day crop yesterday with a group of ladies I get together with about once a month, sometimes more.  We craft from 10 am to 4 pm and we always have a very nice lunch.  Jackie, our host, always makes sure we have a lot of great things to eat and some of us also bring items to contribute to all the great food.  We eat so well, my husband often asks me what I ate for lunch while I was!  We share photos, scrapbook pages, scrapbooks, cards, tips, etc....  What I like most about crafting in a group is that if you have a bit of a crafting block, someone always has an idea!  The down side to crafting with a group, if you can call it a down side, is we chat a lot and share a lot, so sometimes there is not as much crafting going on as there could be.  I am okay with that because that is part of being in a crop, the interactions and maybe learning a new technique or two along the way.  Here is a page I completed and it is all about my older grand daughters:

This is a little about a day in the life of these sweet little girls getting ready in the morning and "crashing" in the afternoon.  The background paper is K&Company Que Sera Sera, the cardstock is American Crafts, the tag is from Anna Griffin's Totally Tags, the border punch is Martha Stewart, the ribbon is from my stash and self adhesive (more companys should make self adhesive ribbon!), and the chip board is from my stash.  It is pretty clean and simple as I really did not want to add too many embellishments with the "busy" patterns I already had going on and lose the focus of the photographs. 

I hope you enjoyed my project!  Please let me know if you liked it, and tell me if you too got crafty this weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #2

Last week I talked about using your Xyron and getting rid of those "spiderwebs" using Johnson's Baby Powder so this week I thought I would talk about another use for that little trial size bottle of baby powder you already bought.  And if you did not rush out and buy a little bottle of baby powder, maybe this will inspire you to run out and buy one.  I know I always love when I can do more than one thing with all my crafty cool tools (even the really inexpensive ones)!  I don't know about you however, I have some crazy boring two dimensional (flat) stickers I bought when I first started scrapbooking.  I also got these boring stickers in kits, freebies, and who in the world knows where else.  My crafting has so evolved over the years and I so love 3D!  Any thing that "pops" and gives me some bling and interest, I am all over.  So here is another get crafty trick to try this weekend.  Do you have a sheet of these (or four, or forty, or four hundred)?

Here is a sheet of totally flat stickers that I own and here is how I make them more exciting and "pop".  Remove a sticker from your sticker sheet (it is okay if it sticks a bit to your finger or you can use your tweezers).  Flip over your sticker and then add 3D foam squares but don't remove the covering on the squares that are now facing you.  Once you have added all of your foam squares, tap a bit of your baby powder on your craft table or scrap paper and then pick it up with your cheapy make up brush and brush the powder all over the back of your sticker making sure you get full coverage on the adhesive still exposed.  As long as you keep the "cover" on the foam squares you placed on the back of your sticker, you can brush your heart out!  After you are done, tap off your sticker and also your brush and then take your brush to remove any remaining powder on the back of your sticker.  All of this really takes mere seconds and I could have done this twenty times over as long as I am taking to type the!  When you are done, you can now remove the cover on your foam squares and stick your item down.  You now have a 3D sticker and it will not "flatten down" and stick all lumpy/bumpy to your project because all the adhesive has been removed except for the adhesive on your foam squares.  It will look like this:

It does not matter where I press on this image, it will always be 3D!  How fun to make a flat boring sticker into a 3D and dimensional sticker!!!

I hope you enjoyed this technique!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Get crafty this weekend and enjoy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

All About Oliver

One of my most favorite subjects to photograph and scrapbook is my sweet kitty, Oliver.  He is a Himalayan (blue point) and is just as sweet as apple pie.  My mom gave him to me for Christmas in 2012.  Although all I knew my gift was a kitten, I was yet to pick that kitten out in December of 2012.  After I learned of my gift, my mom gave me information and photos from breeders to make my choice.  When I saw the photos of Oliver's litter (there were three little girls and three little boys), I spotted the one I wanted.  December 25, 2012 was the day I fell in love with Oliver and I had not even met him yet!  The next day we were to travel to the breeder's and look at the six kittens.  The weather was horrible, however we went any way and it is probably a good thing we did.  That same day, there were three other people coming to look at all those baby cats and we were the only ones that were silly enough to go out in the bad weather, so I got first pick.  I spotted Oliver right away and I had secretly (ssshhhhhhhhh...............) already named him before I got there.  I met his mom and dad and made friends with them.  Here is their photo:

Mom is on the left and dad is on the right.  I see Oliver in both of them.  They were both very sweet and let me pet them and hang out with them and their litter.  I sat on the floor and played with all six kittens and had a blast!  Mom would often come over and check on all of us.  I played with Oliver the most and I was so thrilled to see him use the litter!  None of the other kittens had done that at this point, except Oliver.  Next it was feeding time and the breeder brought in the food for the six kittens and they were just adorable eating their meal.  After the meal, the other five used their litter box and played a bit.  Each kitten slowly started falling asleep in a cute pile of kittens except for Oliver.  He just wanted to play and play and we played and played.  That kitten was mine and my mom knew it.  She put a deposit on him and we had to say goodbye because he was only six weeks old and he needed two more weeks with mom before I could take him.  I am such a patient person, but I have to say that was THE longest two weeks I have ever spent in a long time.  Apparently, the breeder was offered more money than my mom paid to have him, however she stuck by our deal and did not sell him from under us.  That just shows you there are still honest and honorable people in our crazy world today.  When we went to go pick him up, he was so playful and jumped into the new carrier I received as a gift from my mom, all by himself.  I think he was so ready for a brand new adventure!  Oliver is sweet, funny, bad, and a ton of fun wrapped up in a lot of fur.  He is my best "bud", gives me kitty kisses, likes taking "selfies" with me, and is just a pure joy.  My grand babies love him too and he is so very tolerant of them even though they are still young and are not always gentle.  Here is a photo of Oliver as an adult (and one of my favorites) :

He has turned into a handsome young man and maybe you too, can see why he is so captivating.  So if you read this far, I guess it is time to share my latest scrapbook page of Oliver.

Oliver was only a few months old in these photos.  His adventures often make me laugh.  He likes to help me craft and ship and then he just is so exhausted from all of these "great" adventures and he just needs a nap. 

The background paper is a piece of Tim Holtz's Paper Stash-Vellum mounted on a piece of American Crafts piece of yellow card stock.  I mounted everything on the vellum first so I could "strategically" place the adhesive under the vellum to attach it to the cardstock so the adhesive would not be visible.  The journaling block and cat embellishment are Anna Griffin.  The metallic words are from EK Success and I used Perfect Layers to mat my photos. 

I hope you enjoyed my story, as that is what scrapbooking is all about.  Telling stories, remembering, and reminiscing.  And I hope you enjoyed my project.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you got crafty this weekend! Here is a "selfie" with Oliver that I hope leaves you with a warm feeling during a cold winter:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #1

Do you own a Xyron (of any size)?  Do you get frustrated with all the "spiderweb" glue spots in your intricate designs?  I know I do!  I so love my Xyrons and usually if I have something intricate and don't use a stylus to trace around the design (which takes time), I get these "glue spots" that just make be so wacky crazy because my items will stick to other things that they just are not supposed to.  I have received cards from crafty friends and the card is stuck to the envelope, I have made scrapbook pages and have piled them up, and they stick to each other, and I have layered die cuts where everything is stuck together properly but also sticks to everything else.  So here is a great way to fix that with little effort and great crafty rewards!  Now when I run my items through my Xyron, I know I can fix those glue spots easy peasy and here is how!

Here is my little Xyron "X" (1.5"), a trial size of Johnson's Baby Powder (I think I spent $1.19 for it), and a cheapy make up brush (which I have a bazillion of from all of the make up that I own and never used).  So before you go nuts with the baby powder, here is what you do.

Sprinkle just a little bit of baby powder on your craft table or scrap paper (you only need a little!).  Sprinkle it away from your face, so you don't inhale it.  Dab your make up brush in the baby powder and then brush it over your item that you ran through your Xyron.  Do it gently and remember, a dab will do you.  Continue picking up the powder and dabbing on your item until you have covered all of your "spiderwebs".  This will make your glue no longer stick at all!  Trust me, baby powder will make adhesive non adhering, so make sure your item is already adhered to your card, scrapbook page, etc... before doing this.  Once you have placed your baby powder down, tap off the excess and then tap off the brush.  Then use the brush to take off any excess and then use a photo cleaning cloth (or micro fiber cloth) to gently clean off anything the brush might have not removed.  I have used this technique so many times and as long as you are light handed with the powder and have a gentle hand with your brush/cloth, it works like a dream!  I know Johnson's & Johnson's does not have acid in the ingredients, however I don't know what other brands have in them so for now I am only recommending this powder and all you need is the trial size because it will last forever.  I have been using my current bottle for two years now and it is still pretty dang full (best $1.19 I spent ever)!

I hope you loved this tip and it gets you creating this weekend!  Please let me know if you hated this tip, loved this tip, or want another tip.  And if my tip got you crafting this weekend, please leave a comment and let me know what you made!  Happy Crafting!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have not been posting regularly to my blog as my store got in the way (I closed it December 28, 2014), life got in the way (I had to run my store and work a full time job), and stuff like life just happens.  So although I continue to work a full time job and I am still in the process of finalizing the closing of my store, it is time to give my blog some much needed love that it has been missing for oh so long.  I am such the crafter, however in 2014 I crafted very little.  I, for all intents and purposes, just lost my mojo like so many of us do.  I did craft like a bazillion Christmas cards all year and mailed a ton and also sold a ton of them.  However scrapbooking really passed me by last year for so many reasons and most of them are just beyond depressing to speak!  And the funny part about all of this is, I so do not consider myself a card maker.  I am a scrapbooker through and through.  So this first weekend in January I sucked it up a bit and got scrapbooking.  I guess some where along the way, I lost the reason why I actually scrapbook.  Yes, I do it for the sheer pleasure of crafting and paper crafting because I so love working with paper and playing with all my cool tools!  But the main reason I do it is to leave my legacy to my children, grand children, and my future generations.  I want them to remember.  I want them to not only remember me, but remember all those silly and stupid life moments that "just happen".  I want them to remember what happened during my life time and have something to look at to remember those times.  I had become one of those people that decided I was "too depressed" to scrapbook and "my heart" is just not into it.  This weekend I found out that scrapbooking truly makes me happy and makes me smile playing with all these old photos.  Playing with paper, glitter, & glue (not to mention the toys I have amassed!) is really a lot of fun and that head smacking moment makes me just a tad irritated it took me so very long to realize where my "happy place" really lies.  So..................if you read this far (lol.................!!!) on to one of the many pages I scrapbooked this weekend!!

This page is of my son's children when they went to get haircuts.  It was one of those moments in my life where I saw how funny life is over haircuts and the lack of hair.  It was amazing how myself, my son, and my grand daughter Jadelyn are so connected.  If you can read my journaling on this page, you will understand what I mean. 

The base paper is Anna Griffin, the punch is Martha Stewart, the journaling card is MME, the overlay on my son's photo from 1991 is MME (I used my Xyron to attach it to the photo-love that all over glue coverage so you don't know there is glue!), and the title is American Crafts Thickers. And as always, I used Perfect Layers that I love and adore and the best money I have EVER spent!

I would love to hear what is your crafting challenge and what motivates you and also what stifles you.  I would love to hear how you have over come those challenges and I would also love to to know if you need crafting advice.  Post a comment and let's share!

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