Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all..............

I have heard many stories this year. Some so sad, they break my heart. Some so heartless, I wonder about mankind. And some so touching, that I am warmed from head to toe. I have had a lot of heart ache and loss in my life. I have made tons of mistakes. However, this time of year reminds me that I have also been so blessed. This year I have been given the gift of people. My family has gotten so much bigger and my new online store has blessed me with the best customers ever. One lesson I have learned, it is so easy to get angry however it is even easier to forgive. Carrying anger in your heart, is work. Loving people for who they are, is easy.
Merry Christmas!!!


P.S. Please keep my son safe while he is in Iraq............I miss you, Jonathan.................

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