Friday, September 6, 2013


My kitten Oliver is turning into a beautiful older kitten.  Tonight I took a short video of him taking his bath:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Love Anna Griffin

I so love everything Anna Griffin.  She does everything with such elegance and grace.  I have met her several times and she is so sweet and loveable.  I have beautiful scrapbook pages of her and I using her products and I really treasure those pages.  My project today is using one of her new embossing folders, Rosa.

Before I start on the project, would you like to know how my customers are getting their hands on these gorgeous folders?  I think it is worth few minutes of your time to read on and find out.  Cutters Creek realized some time back that the economy was making budgets tight for many crafters however they did not want to give up their love of crafting and wanted to be able to get the newest and greatest products and also some oldies but goodies as well.  I also realized that many crafters love an array of colors to choose from however on a tight budget, they would have to pick and choose a few colors of their item of choice and just could not afford to purchase 10, 20, 30 colors but they sure did want them all!  So the Cutters Creek Clubs were born.  I often do clubs where members can collect all colors over a six month period.  I generally try and keep the Clubs around $20 and I reduce my flat rate store shipping down as well to make that $20 to include shipping charges.  My customers love the clubs because they get a monthly package of crafty goodness at a low affordable price and I usually keep what they are getting as a surprise so they get even more joy out of their purchase.  As an avid crafter myself, I put myself in my customers mindset to make selections of items I would like to receive and not just send them items to send them stuff.  The Cutters Creek Clubs are all about my customers and their joy.  My joy comes from how delighted they are each month.  We usually are running any where from 5-9 clubs at any given time and you do need to join on the onset of a Club's beginning.  If you are interested in playing along with us, please join the Cutters Creek Store Yahoo Group to check up out.  We are a very warm and friendly group free from drama and you also get insider information and scoops and updates on products as well.  We would love to have you, so please stop by!

If you have gotten this far through my post (and I thank you for hanging in there with me), it is time to show off my project!  I made the two cards below with the Anna Griffin Folder Rosa that my Club members have received already.  My third grand daughter was due on July 28th and still has not made her entrance as of yet.  This will be my daughter's first child and we can't wait to met her, especially my daughter who is a little bit tired of being pregnant right now.  You ladies who have had children know what I mean.  One card is to my new grand daughter with a note inside from grandma with a gift of bibs that say all kinds of wonderful things about grand mothers.  The other is a card welcoming my daughter into motherhood and her gift is a beautiful necklace.  I wanted to give her something special because if you have experienced the birth of a child, you know that once the baby comes, the child becomes the one that everyone has interest in and mom is kind of forgotten a bit.  So as my daughter's mom, I want her to know that I think she is beautiful and special and I love her with all my heart.  Here are the cards:
The background of my grand daughter's card uses the embossing folder and my daughter's card uses the included matching border.  I love that Anna's folders also include the matching border in the package.  I also hand wrote "MOM" on my daughters card (on the baby bottle) with one of my Spica pens by Copic and then added some Stickles over top of that for some extra bling and pop.  I also inked the edges of the elements on her card with a Memento Ink Pad which is also another Club currently in progress. 
I hope you enjoyed my project!!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Thank you so much for stopping by!
Authors Edit:  This was scheduled before the baby was born however she (Isabeau Helene) was born August 3rd weighing 9lbs 7ozs:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Christmas In July With The Cutters Creek Design Team!

Welcome to the Cutters Creek Christmas in July Blog Hop!  If you came from the Cutters Creek Design Team’s blog you are in the right place, if not and you would like to start at the beginning please jump to the Cutters Creek Design Team blog.

We have some great projects in store for you today to provide you plenty of inspiration to help you jump start your holiday crafting. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back and relax, and get ready for some fun, inspiration, and the chance to win some blog candy too! 

Here is what I made for you today:

The holidays will truly be here before you know it!  So many of us have good intentions to get a jump on everything and an early start to our holiday gifts, cards, and creations.  Alas, life happens and things start getting crazy.  My project is a Flower Soft Topper and a reminder that those holiday cards do not need to be so labor intensive and still have a beautiful bang that the receivers will just think you spent hours on.  This card really took me no time at all.  The longest period of time I spent was waiting for the glue to dry and I just put my topper aside over night and finished it the next day.  This particular is called Cute Christmas-Festive Teddies.  You get six toppers (two different designs) with a sheet of layers for each topper to build this gorgeous 3D card.  I then added Polar White Flower Soft for some snow and I actually sprinkled some silver glitter in the snow that does not convey well in the photo but is stunning in person.  I the added a Flower Soft sentiment from the Vintage Envelopes collection and then Peel Offs around the border of the card and snowflakes on the topper itself.  You can also find additional Peel Offs HERE.  Peel Offs are so wonderful!  You get a jam packed sheet very inexpensively and they add not only a touch of elegance, but also a more finished look to your card.  I also use these in scrapbooking to add borders and frame photos.  The best part about Peels Offs is that they are very forgiving.  If you put your border on a bit crooked, it picks right up as many times as you need to get it just right!  This is worth the price of admission alone as I so hate sticking something down incorrectly and need a jack hammer to get it back up again!  I hope you enjoyed my project and you are now inspired to start that holiday crafting!

We have some awesome blog candy for you:

To be eligible for the blog candy, we would love for you to follow us and leave a comment on all the blogs along the way. We will use to select a winner. The winner will be posted on the Cutters Creek Design Team blog on Monday July 15th.

 Here is the complete blog hop line up in case you get lost along the way.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have finally made it to the end of 2011 in my scrapbooking!  I can't wait to start 2012 and hopefully get more caught up.  It seems like I am getting more caught up each year, however those pictures just keep stacking!  AND, I have a new grand child on the way this year, so that means even more photos!  So once again, here is one of my favorite subjects my youngest grand daughter.

Do you find yourself using the same colors over and over all of a sudden?  I seem to be doing that lately.  I was using a ton of orange and now it seems I am using a lot of purple.  The background paper is dotted swiss and the accent paper is Anna Griffin which I used a decorative punch on.  The photos were matted using Perfect Layers (there is a coupon code on the right sidebar to order this awesome product!), thickers for the title, and some embellishments from my stash.
I sure would like to hear how you are accomplishing your crafting New Year's resolution, so please leave me a comment.


Friday, March 1, 2013

March Is National Craft Month!!! Graphic 45's Secret Garden

Happy National Craft Month everyone!  For the first week of March, the Cutters Creek Design Team will be bringing you a project every day to inspire you to get crafting.  Hopefully we have a good mix of projects that will appeal to all levels and types of crafters.  I will be kicking off the week with a scrapbook page using the newly released Secret Garden by Graphic 45.  So, on to my project!

I first have to say, this new release is awesome!  I love French Country and Secret Garden by Graphic 45, although Secret Garden was really calling my name.  I used my new favorite subject for my page.  This is Oliver, the kitten I received from my mom for Christmas.  He is approx. 10 weeks old in this photo and one of my favorite photos to date.  (He is now 15 weeks old.)  Since Oliver is a boy, I decided to pick up some of the blue in the patterned paper I chose and matted the photo using Perfect Layers.  I also used some lavender because let's face it, I like girly girl stuff.  I cut a 4" piece for my border on the left and then I punched a few butterflies with the leftover piece and ran them through my xyron and added crystal clear glitter to them to tone down the paper a bit and add some bling.  I added some pearls to each of the butterflies and used micro foam squares to attach them so they look like they are in flight.  Also, in the right top corner, I used a pocket and tag from the tags and pocket set that came out with this release to do some hidden journaling and inked the edges of both the pocket and tag a bit. 

I used my Perfect Pearls Mist to color some Color Me White Cutters Creek Branded Flowers and then attached some Cutters Creek Branded Micro Roses in purple to them to make my flower arrangement.  I put down some rhinestone flourishes for some more bling!  I also attached one of the chipboard tags from one of the chipboard die cut sets, added some peel offs around the edge of the photo (you can find additional peel off stickers HERE), and then added a pretty blue bow.

I hope you enjoyed my project as I sure enjoyed making it!  Please leave a comment regarding my project and tell me what you are doing for National Scrapbook Month.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scrapbooking Resolutions Continued

Continuing with my New Year's Resolutions to keep attempting to catch up with my scrapbooking, here is another layout I completed that has creatures around my yard.  I apologize for my photos, as I have a new computer and I need to purchase new photo editing software, I just have not done it yet and another thing on my "to do" list.  One thing I would like to point out is my matting.  I always use Perfect Layers and this system makes matting easy and gorgeous.  A long time ago, I was one of those people that had to keep shaving off a bit here and there to make my mats look perfect to no avail.  This is a great product and if you would like a set for yourself and also at a discount, please check out the sidebar on the right for a link and discount code as I am a brand ambassador.  This is one of those tools that I purchased "once upon a time" and use over and over and over again!

If you have been inspired to catch up on your scrapbooking, please post and let me know how it is going for you.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So were any of you silly like me and made crafting New Year's Resolutions?  And if you did, are you keeping them?  I was getting a bit behind and so I decided to try and do some catching up.  I sure keep trying to be not more than a year behind in my scrapbooking, however I have not attained that goal yet.  The good news is that I am no longer more than a couple of years!  Last year was the first year I made a crafting resolution and I was over three years (just call it four) behind.  As of today I am around November of 2011, so I think I am doing okay.  This month, I decided that to keep me motivated, I would start sharing layouts that I am getting done.  I love scrapbooking and for me, I have so many different albums going on at one time, it makes it even more challenging to keep up!  I am finding that if I schedule myself to go to crops in my area and to actually put crafting time on my calendar (make an appointment with yourself) that I do much better getting the things I need to get done, done.  Also, get those photos off of your computers, cameras, and phones.  You can't scrap them if you don't print them. 
So how are you tackling your scrapbooking projects?  Please share your ideas with us!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anna Griffin, Provo Craft, & HSN

Anyone that knows me, knows a few things about me as a crafter.  I love Anna Griffin products so much I covet and hoard them, I love HSN since QVC has dropped the ball and stopped doing crafting shows and use to make me spend ridiculous amounts of money (I still spend with HSN but not near what I use to at QVC as HSN hosts talk WAY too fast and just don't give justice to what they should when presenting), and I own Provo Craft Products to include (but not limited to) three Cricuts, Cuttlebug, Gypsy, a ton of Cuttlebug folders, etc....

So why am I posting?  I am posting because I am really sad that Provo Craft has sucked Anna Griffin into doing exclusive Cuttlebug folders for HSN to debut midnight January 23, 2013 however the TS includes the lack luster and ill performing new and improved Cuttlebug in one of Anna's signature colors gold.  Anna Griffin is elegant, quality, and has an ethic that I find beyond reproach.  It makes me sad to know I will be watching and she will have to say how wonderful V2 of the Cuttlebug is and it is a "step down" from V1.  Once upon a time, I bought a ton of new configurations from Provo Craft to get the exclusives.  I don't any more (and have not for two plus years) because the value to do so, makes it no longer worth the money spent.  Once upon a could do that and sell the items you did not want and justify the purchase.  Unfortunately, there is no decent value in Provo Craft products as they allowed their own products to be devalued by the over saturation of their market and allowing companies to sell products below wholesale of small businesses like myself.  In 2008, my store was 85% Provo Craft products, now I have less than 1% and that is only because I still have items from two plus years in stock because I stopped selling their items after the previous CEO (JT) and his VP "henchman" (KB) not only threatened me, shut my shopping cart down (more than once), and then laughed at me when I told them they were in violation of inhibiting me to do to business (I still have copies of all those emails and phone calls) was clear Provo Craft really could not give a rat's ass (pardon my French) that I was passionate about their product and truly wanted to promote and sell their product.  And honestly, I thank them (Provo Craft) for that because I did get over all of that and I went on to expand my business to so many other companies that actually cared about me and my "little" internet store.  And the best part is, I made a lot more money by doing so. 

So when you watch HSN's craft day January 23rd, maybe you have a little "food for thought" and my hope is................Anna Griffin will "get" that the headache that will eventually come with what she is about to do (and TRUST me, that headache will come), will be the last time she does something like this.  Anna is one talented, sweet, and ethical lady and my "money" is on her!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Quotes Stretch Canvas Album

This month's challenge over at the Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog is try something new.  So I tried something new!  My friend talked me into taking a class making a canvas album.  Here is the front of the album I did:

And here is the interior of the album:

This was actually from a kit by Quick Quotes and I think it turned out pretty well.  I still need to add some photos and maybe a few embellishments and then give it as a gift.  For more projects run over the Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog!

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