Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sports Mania & Calligraphy Collection (New!)

So my Provo Craft rep finally told me these two new cartridges will be released December 10, 2008. We have all been looking at them in Design Studio, as they are in there for our viewing pleasure with the latest update. I keep getting questions about these and it now seems Cutters Creek is the first store to put these gems up for pre order. They both look like a lot of fun and I can't wait to see them in person. The Sports Mania appears to have a little bit of everything and the Calligraphy Collection is a gorgeous font cartridge. Run over to and place your pre order now!

1 comment:

airbornewife said...

The Sports Mania cartridge is awesome. I got it today at Michael's. Can't wait to use it. I didn't see Calligraphy, but wasn't looking either.. I should go back since they are on sale.

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