Saturday, August 15, 2009

When East Meets West.......I met a fellow Cricut Lover!

I met a fellow Cricut Lover group member today and she is also my Princess Enabler and moderator of my Cricut Lovers yahoo group! Meet Nicky!! She has been traveling abroad for the last six weeks and flew into Dulles International for a layover on her way back to her home state of California. Well, when she put out the "call" for someone to visit her during her layover in the Washington, DC area, I hopped on the chance. Life is too short to not use these once in a life time chances to meet someone who you have gotten to know over the internet, but have never met in person. So yep! I had to do this! She told me about her travels and we looked at her photos on my Netbook and chatted scrapbooking. She also shared all the cards she made with me and all the stamps she colored, while she was overseas. It was like meeting an old friend, and she is just that, on old friend that I got to hug and chat with. Thank you, Nicky, for letting me meet and hang out with you!


Heather in FL said...

How great that she came close enough for y'all to meet! Great story!

denise said...

When Nicky was telling me about her lay-over I suggested maybe you too could go to the airport. Then she told me you said YES. How cool is that? I also told her how envy-ess I was of both of you, because you are both two people I would love to meet! Glad you both enjoyed hanging out!


Heather said...

That is so fabulous that you two were actually able to connect and meet. I'm sure Nicky was glad for the company during her layover and was as thrilled to meet you as you were to meet her.

Sheri said...

What a sweet story and how fun!!!

Justliketink said...

It was my treat to get to meet Kim, she is such a sweetie for doing that for me, I was just sure if left to my own for 7 hrs I would have fell asleep and missed my flight.
I just wish I hadn't been such a zombie. But, it was great fun , to finally meet someone I had talked to on the phone and thru emails!
She was gracious enough to look at the pictures of one of the castles I had visited.
Thanks again Kim, your are a great friend.

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