Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cutters Creek Winner!!!

Everyone knows how much I L-O-V-E my customers, so when I returned from CHA, I decided I was going to share some of the goodies that I got at CHA with some very lucky Cutters Creek customers. Here is one of my winners of the gorgeous pink craft apron that Making Memories was giving out at CHA in honor of breast cancer (I am a survivor, so near and dear to my heart) and the new limited edition Pink Slice. I had a random drawing, and I am so glad Lisa won! We met by one of those conversations that happen on the internet and as we kept emailing back and forth, a connection began. The next thing I knew, she joined one of my yahoo groups, we started getting to know each other, and now I have a "girl crush" because we have so much in common and I adore my new friend! And look at the sign she made! I have two more aprons to mail and am waiting to mail them with their orders, however one of those gals, I just remembered, ordered a Gypsy and so I am not going to make her wait that long and just get it out to her now. I truly do have THE best customers on the internet! Thank you to you all!! Cutters Creek customers ROCK!

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