Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flower do I love thee................

Pardon my cruddy photos. I had to move my little photo studio and it was so not working for me! So as always, I make lemonade out of lemons and just rolled with it. I will have to solve this problem another day. Cutters Creek sells Flower Soft and I was so excited to take a workshop at CHA hosted by them. I learned a few things I didn't know, and was so glad I took the time to learn a few new tricks! The first card (Santa) I completed in my workshop. This is one of the brand new card toppers Flower Soft released for the holiday season this year and although it is hard to see, it includes a decoupage sheet which adds dimension to your card. And, OH MY! the new polar white Flower Soft is sooooooo gorgeous! I used it on Santa's hat and beard. I am so in love and can't wait to see more colors in the Diamond collection, as I bet they are coming soon! This was also the first time I used the peel offs and could not believe how easy they were to use and how wonderfully they set your card off. The next card used the Flower Soft wires, Sweet Pea Flower Soft, the bouquet mounts, silk ribbon, and YES! more peel offs! This was also done in my workshop. If nothing else, this tells you how easy peasy Flower Soft is to use and work with and still get gorgeous results, as we did not have all day to make! The last card (light pole) was a sample card given to me by Flower Soft. I have to say if you haven't tried Flower Soft, you should. It is affordable and so pretty. And if you have Flower Soft and have been neglecting getting the card toppers, peel offs, and other accessories, they are so affordable and the art is already done for you! Give it a try, as you won't be disappointed. Also, of course, this all gives you ideas to create your own art as well. I myself have used my stamps and colored them in and then added just a sprinkle of Flower Soft with spectacular results. This is truly a wonderful product! Come see me at Cutters Creek and get your Flower Soft. Last holiday season, I had a hard time keeping this is stock, so order early!

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ThePurplePlace said...

This looks like a lot of FUN! I am so happy I ordered the Holiday sets from you! Thanks Kim

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