Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutters Creek Funnies!!!

So I had this little contest in my Cutters Creek store yahoo group to give away a freebie and I just asked that the members entertain me in whatever way they chose. I hate doing a lot of data entry, it is so! So in between typing, I kept checking on my group. They so did entertain me and kept me plugging away and made the time go by fast! The winner was Laura C! I will be sending her a little gift from CHA and the best part was not only was she funny, she was creative. She made up a little poem for me. Here it is:

A Poem: Ode to Kim....

The owner of Cutters Creek is named Kim,
She saw that her stock was getting slim,
So she said "oh no"!
"To CHA I must go"!
And she came back with a truck filled to the brim!!

Isn't that so stinking cute??!?!?


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