Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Soft Vee-dio Installment #3!

So here is installment #3, and WOW! I wish they could go on forever, however this is the last Vee-dio on Flower Soft for Cutters Creek! I never even thought about using rhinestones as twinkling lights on my Christmas card toppers and I am a rhinestone lover! I guess you learn something new every day from someone else's perspective. Go to Vee's blog and give her some blog love and let her know that Cutters Creek would like to hire her permanently as a Design Team member! I could not have ever done this better myself and am grateful that such an artistic person saw my vision for Flower Soft in a couple of emails and a phone conversation. Thank you Vee! As the owner of Cutters Creek, I am beaming! And don't forget, go to Vee's blog, as she left a little something for anyone who places an order with Cutters Creek!


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