Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have not been posting regularly to my blog as my store got in the way (I closed it December 28, 2014), life got in the way (I had to run my store and work a full time job), and stuff like life just happens.  So although I continue to work a full time job and I am still in the process of finalizing the closing of my store, it is time to give my blog some much needed love that it has been missing for oh so long.  I am such the crafter, however in 2014 I crafted very little.  I, for all intents and purposes, just lost my mojo like so many of us do.  I did craft like a bazillion Christmas cards all year and mailed a ton and also sold a ton of them.  However scrapbooking really passed me by last year for so many reasons and most of them are just beyond depressing to speak!  And the funny part about all of this is, I so do not consider myself a card maker.  I am a scrapbooker through and through.  So this first weekend in January I sucked it up a bit and got scrapbooking.  I guess some where along the way, I lost the reason why I actually scrapbook.  Yes, I do it for the sheer pleasure of crafting and paper crafting because I so love working with paper and playing with all my cool tools!  But the main reason I do it is to leave my legacy to my children, grand children, and my future generations.  I want them to remember.  I want them to not only remember me, but remember all those silly and stupid life moments that "just happen".  I want them to remember what happened during my life time and have something to look at to remember those times.  I had become one of those people that decided I was "too depressed" to scrapbook and "my heart" is just not into it.  This weekend I found out that scrapbooking truly makes me happy and makes me smile playing with all these old photos.  Playing with paper, glitter, & glue (not to mention the toys I have amassed!) is really a lot of fun and that head smacking moment makes me just a tad irritated it took me so very long to realize where my "happy place" really lies.  So..................if you read this far (lol.................!!!) on to one of the many pages I scrapbooked this weekend!!

This page is of my son's children when they went to get haircuts.  It was one of those moments in my life where I saw how funny life is over haircuts and the lack of hair.  It was amazing how myself, my son, and my grand daughter Jadelyn are so connected.  If you can read my journaling on this page, you will understand what I mean. 

The base paper is Anna Griffin, the punch is Martha Stewart, the journaling card is MME, the overlay on my son's photo from 1991 is MME (I used my Xyron to attach it to the photo-love that all over glue coverage so you don't know there is glue!), and the title is American Crafts Thickers. And as always, I used Perfect Layers that I love and adore and the best money I have EVER spent!

I would love to hear what is your crafting challenge and what motivates you and also what stifles you.  I would love to hear how you have over come those challenges and I would also love to to know if you need crafting advice.  Post a comment and let's share!


Judy Garrelts said...

What a fantastic layout!!!! I love it! I'm so glad your mojo has returned and I understand and hear ya 100%!!!!
Thanks for sharing,

PinkLadyCarol said...

Love your layout!!! The girls are getting so big!!! I understand about losing your "mojo" as mine was gone for so long... too many sad life events took over my creative mind. My attention span/creativity was limited to "kits." I didn't hve to be creative & think, just simply follow directions. A couple months ago I started scrapbooking & the mojo is here once again!


Danielle said...

Great work, Kim! I love how you added your son's photo to the layout, too. It really ties all the generations together along with your journaling.

Gail Behrle said...

Great layout Kim. And here's to a great 2015 and lots of scrapbooking!

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