Friday, January 16, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #2

Last week I talked about using your Xyron and getting rid of those "spiderwebs" using Johnson's Baby Powder so this week I thought I would talk about another use for that little trial size bottle of baby powder you already bought.  And if you did not rush out and buy a little bottle of baby powder, maybe this will inspire you to run out and buy one.  I know I always love when I can do more than one thing with all my crafty cool tools (even the really inexpensive ones)!  I don't know about you however, I have some crazy boring two dimensional (flat) stickers I bought when I first started scrapbooking.  I also got these boring stickers in kits, freebies, and who in the world knows where else.  My crafting has so evolved over the years and I so love 3D!  Any thing that "pops" and gives me some bling and interest, I am all over.  So here is another get crafty trick to try this weekend.  Do you have a sheet of these (or four, or forty, or four hundred)?

Here is a sheet of totally flat stickers that I own and here is how I make them more exciting and "pop".  Remove a sticker from your sticker sheet (it is okay if it sticks a bit to your finger or you can use your tweezers).  Flip over your sticker and then add 3D foam squares but don't remove the covering on the squares that are now facing you.  Once you have added all of your foam squares, tap a bit of your baby powder on your craft table or scrap paper and then pick it up with your cheapy make up brush and brush the powder all over the back of your sticker making sure you get full coverage on the adhesive still exposed.  As long as you keep the "cover" on the foam squares you placed on the back of your sticker, you can brush your heart out!  After you are done, tap off your sticker and also your brush and then take your brush to remove any remaining powder on the back of your sticker.  All of this really takes mere seconds and I could have done this twenty times over as long as I am taking to type the!  When you are done, you can now remove the cover on your foam squares and stick your item down.  You now have a 3D sticker and it will not "flatten down" and stick all lumpy/bumpy to your project because all the adhesive has been removed except for the adhesive on your foam squares.  It will look like this:

It does not matter where I press on this image, it will always be 3D!  How fun to make a flat boring sticker into a 3D and dimensional sticker!!!

I hope you enjoyed this technique!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Get crafty this weekend and enjoy!


Judy Garrelts said...

Another great tip!!!!
Keep 'em coming!
Thanks for sharing,

Bonnie said...

Great tip, never thought of that. Thanks

Patricia L. Logan said...

Love the tip Kim.

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