Saturday, January 10, 2015

All About Oliver

One of my most favorite subjects to photograph and scrapbook is my sweet kitty, Oliver.  He is a Himalayan (blue point) and is just as sweet as apple pie.  My mom gave him to me for Christmas in 2012.  Although all I knew my gift was a kitten, I was yet to pick that kitten out in December of 2012.  After I learned of my gift, my mom gave me information and photos from breeders to make my choice.  When I saw the photos of Oliver's litter (there were three little girls and three little boys), I spotted the one I wanted.  December 25, 2012 was the day I fell in love with Oliver and I had not even met him yet!  The next day we were to travel to the breeder's and look at the six kittens.  The weather was horrible, however we went any way and it is probably a good thing we did.  That same day, there were three other people coming to look at all those baby cats and we were the only ones that were silly enough to go out in the bad weather, so I got first pick.  I spotted Oliver right away and I had secretly (ssshhhhhhhhh...............) already named him before I got there.  I met his mom and dad and made friends with them.  Here is their photo:

Mom is on the left and dad is on the right.  I see Oliver in both of them.  They were both very sweet and let me pet them and hang out with them and their litter.  I sat on the floor and played with all six kittens and had a blast!  Mom would often come over and check on all of us.  I played with Oliver the most and I was so thrilled to see him use the litter!  None of the other kittens had done that at this point, except Oliver.  Next it was feeding time and the breeder brought in the food for the six kittens and they were just adorable eating their meal.  After the meal, the other five used their litter box and played a bit.  Each kitten slowly started falling asleep in a cute pile of kittens except for Oliver.  He just wanted to play and play and we played and played.  That kitten was mine and my mom knew it.  She put a deposit on him and we had to say goodbye because he was only six weeks old and he needed two more weeks with mom before I could take him.  I am such a patient person, but I have to say that was THE longest two weeks I have ever spent in a long time.  Apparently, the breeder was offered more money than my mom paid to have him, however she stuck by our deal and did not sell him from under us.  That just shows you there are still honest and honorable people in our crazy world today.  When we went to go pick him up, he was so playful and jumped into the new carrier I received as a gift from my mom, all by himself.  I think he was so ready for a brand new adventure!  Oliver is sweet, funny, bad, and a ton of fun wrapped up in a lot of fur.  He is my best "bud", gives me kitty kisses, likes taking "selfies" with me, and is just a pure joy.  My grand babies love him too and he is so very tolerant of them even though they are still young and are not always gentle.  Here is a photo of Oliver as an adult (and one of my favorites) :

He has turned into a handsome young man and maybe you too, can see why he is so captivating.  So if you read this far, I guess it is time to share my latest scrapbook page of Oliver.

Oliver was only a few months old in these photos.  His adventures often make me laugh.  He likes to help me craft and ship and then he just is so exhausted from all of these "great" adventures and he just needs a nap. 

The background paper is a piece of Tim Holtz's Paper Stash-Vellum mounted on a piece of American Crafts piece of yellow card stock.  I mounted everything on the vellum first so I could "strategically" place the adhesive under the vellum to attach it to the cardstock so the adhesive would not be visible.  The journaling block and cat embellishment are Anna Griffin.  The metallic words are from EK Success and I used Perfect Layers to mat my photos. 

I hope you enjoyed my story, as that is what scrapbooking is all about.  Telling stories, remembering, and reminiscing.  And I hope you enjoyed my project.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you got crafty this weekend! Here is a "selfie" with Oliver that I hope leaves you with a warm feeling during a cold winter:


Judy Garrelts said...

What a heartwarming story and a fantastic layout!
Thanks for sharing,

Danielle said...

What a wonderful story, both about your family and your kitty! Great photos, too...

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