Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Crafty Friday #1

Do you own a Xyron (of any size)?  Do you get frustrated with all the "spiderweb" glue spots in your intricate designs?  I know I do!  I so love my Xyrons and usually if I have something intricate and don't use a stylus to trace around the design (which takes time), I get these "glue spots" that just make be so wacky crazy because my items will stick to other things that they just are not supposed to.  I have received cards from crafty friends and the card is stuck to the envelope, I have made scrapbook pages and have piled them up, and they stick to each other, and I have layered die cuts where everything is stuck together properly but also sticks to everything else.  So here is a great way to fix that with little effort and great crafty rewards!  Now when I run my items through my Xyron, I know I can fix those glue spots easy peasy and here is how!

Here is my little Xyron "X" (1.5"), a trial size of Johnson's Baby Powder (I think I spent $1.19 for it), and a cheapy make up brush (which I have a bazillion of from all of the make up that I own and never used).  So before you go nuts with the baby powder, here is what you do.

Sprinkle just a little bit of baby powder on your craft table or scrap paper (you only need a little!).  Sprinkle it away from your face, so you don't inhale it.  Dab your make up brush in the baby powder and then brush it over your item that you ran through your Xyron.  Do it gently and remember, a dab will do you.  Continue picking up the powder and dabbing on your item until you have covered all of your "spiderwebs".  This will make your glue no longer stick at all!  Trust me, baby powder will make adhesive non adhering, so make sure your item is already adhered to your card, scrapbook page, etc... before doing this.  Once you have placed your baby powder down, tap off the excess and then tap off the brush.  Then use the brush to take off any excess and then use a photo cleaning cloth (or micro fiber cloth) to gently clean off anything the brush might have not removed.  I have used this technique so many times and as long as you are light handed with the powder and have a gentle hand with your brush/cloth, it works like a dream!  I know Johnson's & Johnson's does not have acid in the ingredients, however I don't know what other brands have in them so for now I am only recommending this powder and all you need is the trial size because it will last forever.  I have been using my current bottle for two years now and it is still pretty dang full (best $1.19 I spent ever)!

I hope you loved this tip and it gets you creating this weekend!  Please let me know if you hated this tip, loved this tip, or want another tip.  And if my tip got you crafting this weekend, please leave a comment and let me know what you made!  Happy Crafting!!!!


Bonnie said...

Great tip. Keep them coming please.

deanna said...

Love this tip, Kim!! What a great idea!

Deanna A.

Deanna Mulder said...

Thanks for explaining how you do that. I will have to give it a try.

Rosie said...

Want to try this cuz thej*bugers* always got in the way. Broke my arm & today got a cast (very frustrated) but this too I shall overcome). Keep the tips coming.

gmanshk said...

what a great idea. thx for sharing

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