Saturday, January 16, 2016

Private Cricut Classes In Maryland!!! Scrapbooking Too!!

I am the owner of two Cricut yahoo groups, Cricut Lovers is the one I started all on my own (there is a link on my blog if you would like to join!).  I have been a little surprised to find out how many people watch the demos, infomercials, etc...... buy a Cricut, and have not even taken their machine out of the box! I can't help all my group members, however I can help anyone who lives near me. If you own a Cricut (any Cricut) and would like me to teach you, I would love to give you a private class! I will teach you about the care of your machine, cutting, and features on the cartridges you own. I use to own an online scrapbook store (Cutters Creek) and have owned almost all of the machines released. I currently own four different Cricut machines (Create, Expression, Imagine, & Explore). Yes, there is a fee, however it will depend on the distance I need to travel so, email me at and we can figure out times and cost. I will even bring some cartridges you may not own so you can play! We will have a lot of fun and by the time I leave, you will be so in love with your bug, you will cut, cut, cut, cut...... I live in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, so email me if you are serious about learning about your machine.  We will have so much fun and how great would it be to make a new crafty friend!!

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