Friday, July 3, 2015

Going Home...........................

I know so many crafters out there are like me.  We buy, buy, buy, buy!  We buy because it is so stinkin' cute.  We buy because it is an awesome sale.  We buy because darn it, we just like it and want!  My craft room is truly full to the brim and if I want to be honest with myself, I really will not need anything for years and could create during many lifetimes without buying a darn thing.  I know you probably thought that's not true, I will need adhesive!  And you would be correct except I also have adhesive coming out of my wazoo and could probably go for a couple of years without buying that either if I used what I have on hand.  So what am I leading too?  Funny thing, I am not going to tell you to stop buying stuff and I am sure not going to stop buying!  What this is leading to is last weekend I was looking for something totally not craft related and I came across a cute craft kit I bought years ago in an unrelated place and so not in a place it should have been in.  Surly it must have been on sale, or something, I think!  When I found it my first thought was, oh my how adorable!  My second thought was, I had no clue I had this!  A little scarey, however I am a paper junky and a craft addict.  I need a 12 step craft program, however you would have to drag me pushing and screaming to one unless of course that program would enable me into my next purchase(s).  What is even more hilarious is that I don't even know who this company is!  As a former crafting supply store owner, I am pretty in tune with all there is out on the market and I can tell you what is from which company just by sight.  This kit I found is from Amscan, Inc. and called Baby Safari.  This is the layout I created with my new found kit:

This would so be grand daughter approved, because she loves saying her animals and tells me them every time we talk.  Today we talked about fishies and flamingos.  So are you like me?  I know you!  Leave me a comment and tell me your funny found treasures and stories!


Judy Garrelts said...

What a wild and crazy story!!!!!! I bet if I dug deep into my craft stuffins, I could come up with something too :)))))))))

I love the layout. It's precious and very sweet!!!!!

Thanks for sharing,

Kim S said...

I'm with you all the way Kim!! I also am a craft hoarder and keep buying and could craft a LO a day for the rest of my life... and I could live to 983!!
But, I enjoy it so! Makes me happy and keeps the economy going!! Just think.. you and I are responsible for keeping the entire US economy purring along! Its our patriotic duty to keep crafting!

I also think there should be a game show called "Is this from my stash".. if you win, you get MORE supplies LOL If you lose, you just find that you had cool stuff you didn't know you had! :D

Enjoy your stash and keep sharing the inspiration! Luv it!
Kim S

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