Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anna Griffin, Provo Craft, & HSN

Anyone that knows me, knows a few things about me as a crafter.  I love Anna Griffin products so much I covet and hoard them, I love HSN since QVC has dropped the ball and stopped doing crafting shows and use to make me spend ridiculous amounts of money (I still spend with HSN but not near what I use to at QVC as HSN hosts talk WAY too fast and just don't give justice to what they should when presenting), and I own Provo Craft Products to include (but not limited to) three Cricuts, Cuttlebug, Gypsy, a ton of Cuttlebug folders, etc....

So why am I posting?  I am posting because I am really sad that Provo Craft has sucked Anna Griffin into doing exclusive Cuttlebug folders for HSN to debut midnight January 23, 2013 however the TS includes the lack luster and ill performing new and improved Cuttlebug in one of Anna's signature colors gold.  Anna Griffin is elegant, quality, and has an ethic that I find beyond reproach.  It makes me sad to know I will be watching and she will have to say how wonderful V2 of the Cuttlebug is and it is a "step down" from V1.  Once upon a time, I bought a ton of new configurations from Provo Craft to get the exclusives.  I don't any more (and have not for two plus years) because the value to do so, makes it no longer worth the money spent.  Once upon a could do that and sell the items you did not want and justify the purchase.  Unfortunately, there is no decent value in Provo Craft products as they allowed their own products to be devalued by the over saturation of their market and allowing companies to sell products below wholesale of small businesses like myself.  In 2008, my store was 85% Provo Craft products, now I have less than 1% and that is only because I still have items from two plus years in stock because I stopped selling their items after the previous CEO (JT) and his VP "henchman" (KB) not only threatened me, shut my shopping cart down (more than once), and then laughed at me when I told them they were in violation of inhibiting me to do to business (I still have copies of all those emails and phone calls) was clear Provo Craft really could not give a rat's ass (pardon my French) that I was passionate about their product and truly wanted to promote and sell their product.  And honestly, I thank them (Provo Craft) for that because I did get over all of that and I went on to expand my business to so many other companies that actually cared about me and my "little" internet store.  And the best part is, I made a lot more money by doing so. 

So when you watch HSN's craft day January 23rd, maybe you have a little "food for thought" and my hope is................Anna Griffin will "get" that the headache that will eventually come with what she is about to do (and TRUST me, that headache will come), will be the last time she does something like this.  Anna is one talented, sweet, and ethical lady and my "money" is on her!


Monica said...

Wow! I am so sad to see this. I've noticed the value going down.. and my own products not working properly.. J. even jumped ship. I'll be interested in her folders but there is no way anyone should have treated you like this. Sure wish you the best and so glad you are succeeding! Power to the people.

Penny Ward said...

Kim, I loved your post about Anna Griffin. I saw the HSN segment and after doing a google search for her "folders", I discovered the only place to get them is at HSN. So disappointed!!! I make cards for publishing and using products on my cards that readers will not be able to get, just won't fly.
I have never been to your shop before and I fell in is now bookmarked!
Love & Liquid Pearls, Penny

Kim Bush said...

Thank you so much for your comments ladies!

Kim B

Kat said...

I believe that she may already be getting that headache! There has been a small uproar by the people that missed out on the TS auto delivery program and now Anna Griffin posted on her blog that "they" are working on bringing it back and even selling the folders separately! I was one of the "lucky ones" who bought it on auto ship, even though I have a bigshot, I justified that I could use the cuttlebug to take to scrap get together's, but I really only wanted the folder's. I fell for the line they kept pushing all day about it being exclusive to that one deal! NEVER to be sold anywhere, anyway else! They did the same thing with Martha Stewart's circle punch system that is now being sold in stores,(on sale and cheaper) before we can get our auto ships! At least with Martha's they never said it was exclusive, just before everyone else, ha! This is the last time I fall for the hype. I hope Anna rethinks this before she looses her integrity!

Kim Bush said...

Kat, Whenever I see Provo Craft and exclusive in the same sentence, I now run for the! It is always the same old song and dance and you sure will be able to get it and probably a lot cheaper down the road. Patience is the key, however they pound on you all day telling you to buy, buy, buy or you will never see it again and sometimes it is so hard to resist.

Monica Lore said...

Hi Kim,
I searched for Anna Griffin folders and I came upon your blog. It is sad that provocraft has been hostile to you as a small business owner (talk about biting the hand that feeds them).
About a week ago, I visited my local Michaels (I live in Canada) and lo and behold, 3 of the new 8 Anna Griffin folders were brought in with a new batch of dies and folders. (Which is why I googled them when I got home, because I hadn't heard of them). To me it seemed very weird that they would agree with Michaels Canada to sell something that seemed to be an exclusive package for HSN. Strange. And yet if I visit the Cricut/Cuttlebug site, there they are, all 8 of them, on sale on line.
Well, now I am really confused. Naturally I'd like them all, but ordering things from the US is a rather expensive prospect at times. We will have to see what happens. I suspect as someone has already pointed out, they will be on the regular market within the next 6 months. That's unfortunately a typical business model. Sell them exclusively in a package for max $, then sell them separately, later.

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