Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Deflecto Design Team 2016-2017

Last year I was on a great Design Team, Scrapmuch?, and it was a ton of fun!  At the end of my commitment, I was asked to stay.  However real life interrupted.  The holidays were coming, my daughter was going to give birth, and I was off to Minnesota for 2.5 weeks during the holidays to spend time with my daughter and her family.  I had menus to plan and holiday cards to craft in bulk.  I had gifts to buy and pack and gifts to order and ship.  I then returned home to a record breaking snow in Maryland of over 30".  Anyway, as Spring started breaking I was thought it might be time to try and get on a new design team.  While going through this search, I was also searching for a new job.  It sure is a ton of work to apply for these two things at the same time, run a home, work a full time job, and craft my heart out!  I did it though and in the end, when it rain it pours!  I got a new full time job and got accepted to a new design team within a week of each other.  Whew!  My life is in high gear again!  I am so looking forward to doing more blogging again and sharing all of my fun creations with people.  

I am now one of the newest members of the Deflecto Design Team for 2016-2017!!  Here is our promo photo:

Don't we look fabulous?!?  I think we will make a great team and I am so looking forward to working with these ladies and Deflecto.  If you would like to check us out on the Deflecto Blog, click HERE and please bookmark us to see all of our latest creations to inspire you.  You won't use it if you can't see it and I believe Deflecto is all about transparency!

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