Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday My Beloved Issy................................

My youngest grand daughter turns two today.  Sheesh, where does the time go?!?  She is the sweest little girl.  She is so very smart and very funny as she learns new things every day.  Here we are:

I wish she did not live so far away so I hang on every moment, photo, and phone call I can get.  I just love talking to her on the phone.  The funniest recent call was when we were using facetime and her mommy let her hold the phone and she decided she was going to run "with me".  She kept Grandma, run.........while she was running with the phone.  I said......I am!  I am running with!  So funny!

I made her this card for her birthday:

She loves to tell me all about all the animals when we talk so this was perfect for her because there are four animals on this card.  I added googly eyes to the lion and penguin.  This is a card from Anna Griffin's card kit, Playful Pieces.  I love that Anna now has items for small children.

Happy Birthday little Issy, Grandma loves you!!  {{hugs}} and *kisses*


Judy Garrelts said...

Adorable and fun!!!! Love it!
Thanks for sharing,

PinkLadyCarol said...

Adorable card Kim! Issy & my youngest grandaughter share the same birthday! (Ava is 4 today)

Danielle said...

Aww, what a prefect animal card for Issy. She will love telling you the animals on the card.

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