Sunday, March 8, 2015

Title Pages: Scrapbooking

Do you make title pages for your scrapbooks?  I sure do!  Every scrapbook I make whether it is my life, for someone else, specialized, etc... has a title page.  What I love about making title pages is that I can convey the "feel" of the scrapbook even before you crack into that first page.  I get so excited when I end one of my own personal scrapbooks and get to start a new one for a couple of reasons.  The first is because I am making some headway in my scrapbooking.  The second is because I get to start my own personal title page!  I enjoy it so much because it is the one time that is all about me and my favorite things, and no one else.  That is not to say that I don't craft with my favorite things, it just means that all my pages aren't green (my favorite color), I use red (not my favorite color), and I need to "live in the moment" of the photos and not in "my moment".  I completed one of my personal scrapbooks this afternoon as it was way too fat and heavy to go on, and also completed my title page for my next scrapbook.  Here it is:

So here is a few of my favorite things! I love, love, love Anna Griffin so my border paper is hers and the large floral embellishment is also hers from her Antique Botanical Die Cut Kit.  For me flowers, butterflies, and bling are the end all be!  So I also have that going on along with the color green which is my favorite from the palest greens to the deep colors and everything florescent too!  I always put my name on my title pages so that generations to come will know these books are about my life.  I used American Crafts DYI thickers.  My name was done in Tim Holtz Distress Glitter and the accents were done with some micro fine glitter I found in a little baggie in my craft room.  The butterflies are Martha Stewart and K&Company and the bling and ribbon are from my stash.  The other thing I really love about my title page is I don't use any photos so I feel like a little kid just decorating away.  That makes title pages so much fun as you don't have to figure out what photos you will use and where to place them on the page.  Although I sure do love working with photos too.

How do you approach your title pages?  Do you get excited when you start a new scrapbook too?  Tell me what you do, as I am sure everyone who reads my blog would love some new ideas!


Judy Garrelts said...

Great page for the beginnings of a book all about you and what you love!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Danielle said...

Beautiful page! I love the Anna Griffin things you used to embellish the page. :)

Debbie in LA said...

Kim, I am responsible for the scrapbook for my Sweet Adelines Chorus, Houston Horizon Chorus. Every year I get to do a title page for the book,which usually includes a large formal group picture and one of our director. Since our chorus colors are turquoise, black, and white, those are the colors I choose. I write our name with letters I make from my Cameo. I put a lot of bling and get to choose a theme for the year. 2013's theme was Hawaii, since that is where we went for International Competition. This year is a Story Book theme, since we are singing "Once Upon a Time" and similar songs.

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