Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cricut Explore Scrapbooking

My Cricut Explore is starting to become my new BFF (best friend ever)!  The more I play with my new machine, the more I think of things I want to do that I had struggled to do in the past with my Cricuts.  If you checked out my last project, you will see this one is more of the same.  However this one has a little secret that I will reveal because unless I told you, there is no way you would know what I!  This is my latest project:

I used my Cricut Explore to make the title and the butterflies (discussed in my last post).  I also cut the frame for the bottom left photo using my Explore as well from Elegant Edges.  I don't think that the green paper with the postage stamp cut conveys well, however it is green with little blue polka dots and is so stinking cute.  To match the blue in the paper, I cut my title paper in pale blue to make it a bit "matchy, matchy".  What is the best part?  The pale blue paper that my green postage stamp paper is mounted on is doing double duty.  This is the piece of cardstock where I cut out my title and frame from.  Check it out:

This is the back of my scrapbook page.  I figured why waste an entire 12 X 12 piece of paper for a few cuts?!?  Especially since I use Creative Memories albums and mount my pages down, no one will know but me, well and now you too.  This worked perfectly since all I really needed was the outer edges of the blue cardstock to show.

I hope I have inspired those of you with your Explores still in the box to unpack them and play!


Judy Garrelts said...

Fantastic tip! I've done that before too!

Danielle said...

Nice job using all your supplies. I've done it, too. Love those butterflies!

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