Saturday, February 28, 2015

My First Scrapbook Project With The Cricut Explore

I purchased the Orchid Cricut Explore right before the holiday season and played with it a couple weeks and then it went by the wayside because life just happens.  Here is a photo of this limited edition machine, isn't it pretty?

Shortly after my purchase, I also bought the blue tooth adapter and boy do I love that thing!  My computer sits on one side of the room and my Explore on the other.  I love technology and cool tools!  So I have been back playing with my machine and learning all the new things this machine does.  I have finally made my first scrapbook page using the Explore.  I am so glad I did because it really is helping me learn and know my machine.  With any new thing, sometimes baby steps are the way to go.  With this project my baby steps were learning how to weld and learning about printing and cutting.  I love the print and cut, but of course I do because I am also an Imagine owner and I just love that machine.  I also have a pink Expression and a Create and I thought once I purchased the Explore, I might sell or give away one of my machines.  After mulling it over, I still want to keep all four for many reasons.  So here is my project:

My title "cats and dogs" was from the Explore.  I welded the words "cats" and "dogs" and also used the blackout and welded those as well.  It was a bit of learning but now I can do it like a champ!  I love butterflies so I purchased Anna Griffin's image set Vintage Butterflies.  With these I learned about printing and cutting.  You may be able to tell that there is dimension to the butterflies as I tried focusing the camera on the butterflies and title and not so much on the whole page so that is why the left side is a bit blurred.  What I did was print and cut the same set of butterflies twice.  However one set was print and cut on white cardstock and the other set was print and cut on the included sticker paper I received with my machine purchase.  I then layered the butterflies print and cut on white cardstock on top of the butterflies print and cut on the sticker paper with foam squares.  Here is a pic of the images I did with the above butterflies removed from the sticker sheet:

What is great about this sticker paper is, you can load it up with items for your projects and leave them on the sticker paper until you are ready to use them.  As you can see my dimensional items are complete and ready for me to use any time!  I think this is so cool and I will be doing more of this in the future.  I also recently bought some printable vinyl and have some ideas for that too.  I love printing and cutting and I want to do some Disney items as I have a ton of Disney cartridges.  All the tiny pieces use to make me nuts and now I can just flatten everything, cut it twice, and layer it to get that dimension I so love.

I hope you enjoyed my project today!  Do you have an Explore?  Have you gotten it out of the box yet?  If you haven't, you really should because this machine is to die for!


Judy Garrelts said...

First of all, I love the photos of your furbabies!!! The layout is fantastic and I'm in awe of your welding! And I love love LOVE those butterflies!
Thanks for sharing,

Karen said...

Great page Kim! Cute fur babies!! : )

Danielle said...

Great layout, Kim... What beautiful butterfly stickers, too... great way to use your Cricut as well!

Gail Behrle said...

Great page Kim. Love the instructions for the dimensional stickers. They are beautiful. I must admit, my Explore is still in the box. But I will be getting it out SOON!

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