Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anna Griffin, Provo Craft, & HSN

Anyone that knows me, knows a few things about me as a crafter.  I love Anna Griffin products so much I covet and hoard them, I love HSN since QVC has dropped the ball and stopped doing crafting shows and use to make me spend ridiculous amounts of money (I still spend with HSN but not near what I use to at QVC as HSN hosts talk WAY too fast and just don't give justice to what they should when presenting), and I own Provo Craft Products to include (but not limited to) three Cricuts, Cuttlebug, Gypsy, a ton of Cuttlebug folders, etc....

So why am I posting?  I am posting because I am really sad that Provo Craft has sucked Anna Griffin into doing exclusive Cuttlebug folders for HSN to debut midnight January 23, 2013 however the TS includes the lack luster and ill performing new and improved Cuttlebug in one of Anna's signature colors gold.  Anna Griffin is elegant, quality, and has an ethic that I find beyond reproach.  It makes me sad to know I will be watching and she will have to say how wonderful V2 of the Cuttlebug is and it is a "step down" from V1.  Once upon a time, I bought a ton of new configurations from Provo Craft to get the exclusives.  I don't any more (and have not for two plus years) because the value to do so, makes it no longer worth the money spent.  Once upon a could do that and sell the items you did not want and justify the purchase.  Unfortunately, there is no decent value in Provo Craft products as they allowed their own products to be devalued by the over saturation of their market and allowing companies to sell products below wholesale of small businesses like myself.  In 2008, my store was 85% Provo Craft products, now I have less than 1% and that is only because I still have items from two plus years in stock because I stopped selling their items after the previous CEO (JT) and his VP "henchman" (KB) not only threatened me, shut my shopping cart down (more than once), and then laughed at me when I told them they were in violation of inhibiting me to do to business (I still have copies of all those emails and phone calls) was clear Provo Craft really could not give a rat's ass (pardon my French) that I was passionate about their product and truly wanted to promote and sell their product.  And honestly, I thank them (Provo Craft) for that because I did get over all of that and I went on to expand my business to so many other companies that actually cared about me and my "little" internet store.  And the best part is, I made a lot more money by doing so. 

So when you watch HSN's craft day January 23rd, maybe you have a little "food for thought" and my hope is................Anna Griffin will "get" that the headache that will eventually come with what she is about to do (and TRUST me, that headache will come), will be the last time she does something like this.  Anna is one talented, sweet, and ethical lady and my "money" is on her!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Quotes Stretch Canvas Album

This month's challenge over at the Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog is try something new.  So I tried something new!  My friend talked me into taking a class making a canvas album.  Here is the front of the album I did:

And here is the interior of the album:

This was actually from a kit by Quick Quotes and I think it turned out pretty well.  I still need to add some photos and maybe a few embellishments and then give it as a gift.  For more projects run over the Scrappy Frogs Challenge Blog!

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