Sunday, January 22, 2012

Manly Man CHA Winter 2011 Layout

Here is my opposite of my "girly girl" CHA layout for an awesome guy, Tim Holtz.  Tim is one of the most energetic and crafty personas in paper arts and crafting.  He is so inspiring and as sweet as apple pie.  If you have ever had the experience of taking one of his workshops or classes, you so know what I mean.  He always has time to answer questions and take requests.  In the bottom picture, Mandie asked him to take a picture with Pinky and he sure did!  There are so many gals in our world of paper crafts, however you sure have to love a man who embraces what we love and shows us so much joy and teaches us a thing or two! us some rocking tools!!  Thank you Tim Holtz!  In my eyes, you sooooooo rock!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Title Page For One Of My Scrapbooks

Do you do a title page for all of your scrapbooks?  I do.  I love them because it means that I have probably finished up one book and am starting a new book.  And I do love doing a title page for my personal scrapbooks as they are things that I love with not worrying about photos.  For this one I used Anna Griffin's metallic paper as my background and also her velvet chipboard for my name.  I also used some green velvet ribbon along the bottom of my punched border which is punched out from another one of my favorite paper lines, POW! by American Crafts.  Then I added some petaloo flowers and some K & Company grand adhesions and I am done! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All About Tigger.................

Doing this layout was a little bitter sweet for me.  I had to put Tigger to sleep in July of 2011 and scrapping these photos of him in 2010 was a little hard for me and there was also some crying involved.  Six months after his death, I still miss him so.  He was a mighty giant at over 26 lbs and my best bud.  I wanted to write a lot, so I had to type up my journaling on the computer, instead of hand writing it.  That also allowed me to get up and walk away for a bit and come back to it when I was able to again.  For anyone who is scrapping a layout that is difficult emotionally, I highly recommend doing it on the computer.  I think it made it a bit easier for me to get it done.  I then printed it on some pretty and sparkly vellum (hard to see that in the photo) and then matted everything with Perfect Layers.  I think it turned out very nice and this will look beautiful in my scrapbook album.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Good Animals Go Bad........................

I have a heck of a time taking photos of double layouts!  If anyone has any great tips, please post a comment here and let me know!!  These are all photos of my furry and feathered friends acting naughty.  The first one of Gus the golden & Bailey the cockatiel is really cute.  I was holding Bailey and he decided he wanted to fly away.  Well, his wings are clipped and the only place he went is down and had a furry pillow to land on.  I have another photo some where (I can't find it) of Bailey walking up on the top of Gus's head and standing them.  Thank goodness golden retrievers are so patient, loving, & forgiving.  The one next to that one is of me getting Bailey & Sunset out of their cages and they had other ideas and got to the floor and wanted to play with Tigger's cat toy.  The one below those two is of Tigger on the end of my recliner and giving me the evil eye because I am taking up to much room on MY recliner.  On the second page (top photo), that is Gus in our bed.  He knows he is not allowed on our bed!  So I snapped that picture and then sent it to my husband at work to show him what a bad dog Gus is!  The one below is of Tigger and Gus in our bed.  Tigger is allowed on our bed and I guess this day Gus thought............if the cat can get on the comfy bed, so could he.  And Tigger never much cared for any of the other animals, so I was shocked they were sleeping peacefully together.  I have not caught Gus on our bed in a long time, but sometimes he likes breaking the rules.

Don't you just love that animal print paper?!?  It is Anna Griffin metallic paper and I love all her metallics.  And of course all my mats are done with Perfect Layers.  I have been keeping it pretty simple while doing my pages, as I am so behind.  However I am longing to get a bit more fancy.  Hopefully, I can keep at it and officially be done with 2010 pictures and work into 2011.

My only New Year's resolution this year is to set aside some crafting time every week.  So far, so good.  Did you make any crafting resolutions?  I would sure love to hear them!  Please leave a comment and also tell me if you are still on track with your crafty resolution.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Girly Girl CHA Winter 2011 Layout

I had this girly girl paper and embellishments and I decided that what is better way to use them on a bunch of girly girl crafters scrapbook page.  I have many more CHA Winter 2011 photos to scrapbook, but when I was digging around in my room and I found this stuff, I stopped what I was doing and scrapped this page.  I am now learning that because I own so much paper and things, that if I come across something while looking for something else that will go with some photos on deck,  I should grab them ASAP and create!  By the time I eventually get to that project, I have forgotten where that paper and embellishments have gotten to!  It sure feels good to be scrapbooking again! 

In the top photo that is me pictured with another store owner friend, Cindy.  I triple matted that photo with my Perfect Layers Ruler System and used three different sized mats to bring interest to the photo.  I had to laugh at myself last night.  I was struggling a bit to get my mats cut and then all of a sudden a light bulb went off.  My craft knife was dull!  Once I changed my blade, I was off and running and getting my mats done in no time.  The bottom photo is of me and Jinger from Provo Craft.  I was at a Cricut Circle Event when this photo was taken.  This photo was only single matted, however it turned out just as good and then my little journaling box was matted using my Perfect Layers.  I keep telling everyone, I use my rulers for everything!  I even own a back up brand new set because I would cry if I had to mat the old fashioned way.  Matting use to be one of the most frustrating things about scrapbooking for me because I am so anal.  You may not notice my mat is off a smidge (in the olden!), but I did.  I just can't say enough about this tool and your bang for the buck.

I need to get back to crafting because I am on a roll.  I hope you enjoyed my page!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Halloween 2010: My Son's Family

I am still scrapping photos from 2010, however I am getting closer to 2011!  I love My Mind's Eye paper and embellishments and could not wait to scrap these Halloween photos using this set I own that also included embellishments, brads, and stamps.  And of course I love my Perfect Layers and use them every time I scrap.  And did you know I am a Brand Ambassador for Perfect Layers?  If you click my link you will get 5% off your order or you can use the coupon code: kbush5%.

I loved using all the elements in my kit.  And I just love those brads!  For the October 31st element on the top right side of the page I used my glue pen around the edges and sprinkled some brown glitter along the edges.  A girl needs her bling!  Well.............I need to get scrapping again and I hope you enjoy my layout!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Few Cards................

It's been a while since I have posted to my blog.  I have spent some time creating and I think it is time to get some of this stuff up and show it off!  These are three cards I made yesterday.  After making so many cards for Christmas, I was a bit on card making overload especially since I much prefer to scrapbook.  I had not scrapbooked since September and January brought me to the conclusion that it is time to schedule scrapbooking into my regular routine.  I have been doing a great job getting pages done and I didn't realize how much I missed my craft until I started getting it done.  Hopefully I can get some photos taken of my pages and share with everyone very soon, like!  So now I am thinking about birthdays and Spring for making cards and I did enjoy making these non holiday cards.

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