Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Am Now A Copic Certified Designer!!

What a long day driving to Pennsylvania, taking an all day class and driving home!  However I am content.  I am now a Copic Certified Designer!!   I have been wanting to get certified for a couple years now and I can now check this off my list.  Marianne Walker was so incredible.  She is an awesome educator and adds so much of herself to her class.  She injects a bit of humor into the day that really adds a personal element and also makes the class very dimensional.  I learned so much more than I expected.  I knew I would learn "stuff", however I did not realize how much knowledge I would gain.  I don't mean this in a bad way, as with every class and workshop, I always expect to take something away from it to add to my bag of tricks and sometimes I am just blown away with what I can get out of one of these events.  So I am just tired and want to sit down and color my heart out, but I need a bit of rest after such a long day!

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