Monday, January 16, 2012

Girly Girl CHA Winter 2011 Layout

I had this girly girl paper and embellishments and I decided that what is better way to use them on a bunch of girly girl crafters scrapbook page.  I have many more CHA Winter 2011 photos to scrapbook, but when I was digging around in my room and I found this stuff, I stopped what I was doing and scrapped this page.  I am now learning that because I own so much paper and things, that if I come across something while looking for something else that will go with some photos on deck,  I should grab them ASAP and create!  By the time I eventually get to that project, I have forgotten where that paper and embellishments have gotten to!  It sure feels good to be scrapbooking again! 

In the top photo that is me pictured with another store owner friend, Cindy.  I triple matted that photo with my Perfect Layers Ruler System and used three different sized mats to bring interest to the photo.  I had to laugh at myself last night.  I was struggling a bit to get my mats cut and then all of a sudden a light bulb went off.  My craft knife was dull!  Once I changed my blade, I was off and running and getting my mats done in no time.  The bottom photo is of me and Jinger from Provo Craft.  I was at a Cricut Circle Event when this photo was taken.  This photo was only single matted, however it turned out just as good and then my little journaling box was matted using my Perfect Layers.  I keep telling everyone, I use my rulers for everything!  I even own a back up brand new set because I would cry if I had to mat the old fashioned way.  Matting use to be one of the most frustrating things about scrapbooking for me because I am so anal.  You may not notice my mat is off a smidge (in the olden!), but I did.  I just can't say enough about this tool and your bang for the buck.

I need to get back to crafting because I am on a roll.  I hope you enjoyed my page!


5 comments: said...

Hey I think I know those people in that top photo LOL....GREAT SCRAPBOOK PAGE and I am so gonna miss my hug and trip to Starbucks with you! LOVE IT Kim...I adore you girlfriend...
Many Hugs

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Love it!! : )

Laura {aka scrapaddict} said... this's truly a perfect "girly" page!!

Sheri said...

Love this Kim! What a great photo of you ad Cindy!

Debbie in LA said...

Kim, I recognized Cindy right off. This is such a great page; I hope Cindy sees it,too. Love your rulers and may need to buy a back-up set, too.

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