Sunday, January 30, 2011

Craftwell To The Rescue at CHA!

Have you ever had one of those days that things just don't go the way you planned? Well yesterday was such a day for me. I am in LA attending CHA Winter 2011 and I had my game plan in my head and was ready for my first day at CHA to shop til I dropped. My first stop was one of my other vendors and as I was trying to add my catalogs to the small rolling suitcase that I brought as my helping hand while at CHA and to assist me in bringing home all the goodies I would collect over these next four days, when it happened! My zipper broke! I could not get into the suitcase. Rot, roh! So I was trying to fix the zipper and saw it was not repairable. Oh, no! How was I going to collect all the things I would be given? How was I going to fly home? The suitcase was no longer suitable for air travel. So instead of following my well laid out plan, I started off in search of vendors that had some type of rolling storage. After looking around for two hours (and wasting time) I thought, hummmm...........I wonder if Craftwell brought any rolling totes to the show and I was going to throw myself on their mercy, and if they did have one I would ask buy one from them if they would allow me. So off to the Craftwell booth I went! I met up with Paul Braun (one of the VPs and someone who has been wonderful to me as a small store owner) and told him my story with stress in my eyes. Much to my surprise, David Tse (owner and CEO of Craftwell) also walked over to see what was going on. Paul introduced me to David and told him about the eCraft yahoo group I started in 2009 and regaled him with my tale of woe. Davis seemed very pleased to meet me, as I have the most active eCraft yahoo group on the internet. So I asked if I could please, please, please buy one of the rolling totes Craftwell had on display and Paul and David GAVE it to me! They literally saved my life! I insisted on paying for it, and David insisted I just take it.

Craftwell is one of these companies that make me feel so very important, although Cutters Creek is a small store in their long list of retailers that sell eCraft products. When I speak to Craftwell, they make me feel that I am the most important store in the world. I do the same for my customers. When I speak to a customer, that customer right there in front of me, is the only customer that I have at that moment in time and THE most important person to me in the world. How refreshing to have a large company like Craftwell make me feel like I am the only store important to them at that given moment in time.

Thank you Craftwell! You ROCK! And thank you for bringing Andy and MTC to us eCraft users and we are looking forward to SCAL coming to us very soon as well. You ask, Craftwell listens! If you are interested in a new and innovative die cutting machine, you really should check out Craftwell's eCraft!

Friday, January 28, 2011


This is what happens when Kim stays logged in on her blog on my computer. ;-) Freda

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Craftwell CHA WINTER 2011 NEWS!!!!!!!

Craftwell really seems to "get" us crafters! Their new eCraft machine is so innovative and great to use with no mats and the other consumables are inexpensive. There will be a new software update in the next couple of days and this will fix some additional known issues, like cutting from the tray using the software. The BIG news is that soon the eCraft by Craftwell will soon be compatible with BOTH Todd's SCAL software AND Andy's MTC software. WOW! WOW! WOW! And it sounds like you mac users will be able to use SCAL, however I am unsure about mac and MTC.

The next interesting news is there a new prototype machine that will be at CHA in Craftwell's booth! It is called the eBosser. From the description I received, it will be a cross between the Vagabond by Tim Holtz and the Grand Caliber by Spellbinders. It will be electric, it will emboss and cut 8.5" X 11", and it will take all popular dies and embossing folders that you are already using. I don't know the price point of this new machine, however I think it will be some where between the cost of the Vagabond and the Grand Caliber. I can't wait to see it at CHA!

Check out Cutters Creek, we are already adding new items from CHA for pre order and I will continue to update as I can from CHA!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cricut Circle Calling Card

I don't know how crafters that create ATCs do it! I had to create a Cricut Circle calling card in mass and my idea changed so many times, it will spin your head! So this is what I ended up settling on, as I am a big fan of butterflies. Cricut Circle calling cards are a 3"x3" card using your Cricut and on the back is your personal information. I cut my base card on some peachy color Bazzill card stock and put a vellum pinstripe layer on top of that and used a ticket punch to make the vellum have more interest. I inked the edges with a copper in to give it depth, just in case the crafters that exchange cards with me would like to mount them in a book of some type. I cut the butterfly in a pretty green cardstock and then layered it using a patterned paper from the Imagine cartridge Nursery Tails. I then took one of my slick writer pens to give my butterfly motion. On the back, I got out my Just Rite rectangular stamper and stamped all my personal information on the back, as I just don't have the time to write it all out! I decided not to share the back, because I decided putting all my personal information on the web might not be a good idea, however it turned out very nice and I stamped it with a StazOn Cactus green. I have made about 50 now and need to make some more! Thank you for looking!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Grand Baby Girls!

I have so not been keeping up with my blog like I usually do. Life sure does get in the way! I have been crafting, I just have not been taking pictures of my work like I usually do. Hopefully I can start getting back into the swing of things and start posting regularly again. CHA is coming up this month and I am very excited to see all the new products coming out during the winter show. This will be the first time I am going to the winter show so this is even more exciting for me and probably more exhausting due to the three hour time difference and the longer show time. Two of my days away will just be traveling. Whew! In the mean time, I thought I would post this picture of my beautiful grand baby girls!

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