Friday, July 29, 2011

Rest In Peace, My Dear Furry Friend Tigger.....

On July 25th at approx 10:30 am, Tigger passed away peacefully in my arms as I held and talked to him.  I have lost many pets over the years, however this is one that hit me so very hard.  Tigger was a mighty cat, strong of will and character.  At 26.4 lbs he was a tremendous presence and the alpha male in our home.  Even our large dogs respected and feared this mighty cat.  I rescued Tigger at 3 months old in July of 1999 and we had 12 wonderful years together.  Tigger was a fighter and a lover.  I have so many wonderful memories of our time together and all his funny quirks and antics through the years.  It was really hard to put Tigger to sleep and relieve him of his misery, however I know exactly how he lived and wanted to live.  He would not have liked all the battery of tests and treatments that I would have had to put him through and with little hope of the recovery I so desperately wanted and needed for him.  My head says we did the right thing and that Tigger is now romping and playing at Rainbow Bridge and will wait for me there, he suffers no more.  But my heart is broken in a million pieces and I want him back and here with me.  I will always remember the moment when I had him wrapped in one of our towels and the vet gave him the medicine that made him a little sleepy before giving him the final injection.  I held him like a baby and he looked over to me and put his face on my chest.  I talked to him and told him how much I loved him and told him there would be plenty of tuna and treats where he was going.  I think he liked that.

When I looked at Tigger, what I always saw was my little boy in his jammies............Goodbye my furry will always be carried in my heart for as long as I live......................until we meet again.......................


Chocolate Mousie said...

You have my sympathies on the loss of your Tigger. I know the pain you're going through as I had to do the same thing with my beloved dog, Scarlett six years ago. I still mourn her loss and will never forget her, but in not forgetting her, I can also remember all the good things about her. Think of Tigger often and get comfort from those memories.

Sue in CT said...

So sorry about Tigger. I find it so hard after having to put my dogs down (cancer). I still cry at times just thinking about them. I miss them so much and it has been years. I have 3 "new" dogs and I love them all but there is that special place in my heart where my Dusty and Carrie (they were put down a year apart) will always be. I too know I did the right thing by putting them down but like you my heart still aches. So my dear friend I hope you can work through your sorrow and grief. Take comfort in knowing you too did the right thing and one day we will see them at the bridge.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I only recently have found your blog, so I'm new here...but this post brought tears to my eyes. It's been almost two years since my family had to make the same decision for our dog, Bubba, and we all still miss him so, so much. There's a poem I found that made me feel ends like this:

"although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill
that one place in our hearts belongs to them
and it always will." (Linda Barnes)

So true!

hugs, Tracy

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