Monday, February 7, 2011

Are You A Fiskateer?

I am! The Fiskateers had a cute area in the Fiskars booth and also had a little gathering for us where we got a little goodie bag that had a limited edition punch, a stamp set, and a couple of other trinkets. They had great refreshments too. Who knew there was so much orange and green goodies to feast on! I visited their booth every day, as each day one of the lead Fiskateers had something going on. Don't I look great in orange?!?!?


Cristen said...

you look great kim i love orange

Michelle said...

Kim. I love, love your new background and layout!!! It is sooo pretty. I need to update mine. I may use one of hers. :-)
Plus, yes you look great in Fiskateer orange!!!

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