Friday, February 4, 2011

Anna Griffin at CHA!

I love Anna Griffin to pieces! I have been buying her products for a long time and now Cutters Creek will be carrying Anna Griffin!! I feel so honored to have her products in my store. She is so sweet in person and I enjoyed my chat with her very much. I told her about my QVC ladies in the yahoo group and how much they enjoyed all the craft shows on the Q and how much they also love Anna and were happy to see her come over to HSN, after QVC dropped their crafting shows. She showed me her exclusive album that will debut on HSN in March and let me snap some exclusive photos to share with the QVC ladies. She told me to tell everyone, unlike the other albums that were half completed pages and the other half were for you to complete, this entire album is completed and all you need to do is add photos. There will also be additional embellishments added to the kit to further jazz it up. Anna told me to say "Hi!" to all you QVC ladies and that she really appreciates you following her over at HSN!

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