Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Craftwell CHA WINTER 2011 NEWS!!!!!!!

Craftwell really seems to "get" us crafters! Their new eCraft machine is so innovative and great to use with no mats and the other consumables are inexpensive. There will be a new software update in the next couple of days and this will fix some additional known issues, like cutting from the tray using the software. The BIG news is that soon the eCraft by Craftwell will soon be compatible with BOTH Todd's SCAL software AND Andy's MTC software. WOW! WOW! WOW! And it sounds like you mac users will be able to use SCAL, however I am unsure about mac and MTC.

The next interesting news is there a new prototype machine that will be at CHA in Craftwell's booth! It is called the eBosser. From the description I received, it will be a cross between the Vagabond by Tim Holtz and the Grand Caliber by Spellbinders. It will be electric, it will emboss and cut 8.5" X 11", and it will take all popular dies and embossing folders that you are already using. I don't know the price point of this new machine, however I think it will be some where between the cost of the Vagabond and the Grand Caliber. I can't wait to see it at CHA!

Check out Cutters Creek, we are already adding new items from CHA for pre order and I will continue to update as I can from CHA!


andy said...

Make The Cut! already works with the eCraft... here is a post about it:



Kim Bush said...

Andy, Craftwell was thrilled to hear that the beta plugin was already up and running! Thank you to MTC for making those that love their eCraft have a new software option :)

Andy said...

I hope the show is going well!

Glad they are happy about it. Thanks for passing on the news.

Good luck to you and thanks for posting the news!

Celeste said...

I so love my SCAL program with my ECraft...Thank you for talking me and making me realize I would love love my machine.... I can't wait for the embossing machine...That is going to be great.

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