Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat-Day #2

Day two has been a blast and we got snow two! Lunch was make your own sandwiches with lots of stuff to pile on your plate and tons of cookies for dessert. Dinner was salmon, vegetable lasagna, and/or marinated chicken breast with a bunch of sides and pies and cakes galore for dessert. We have had a bunch of door prizes given out, skits were done for prizes, and we even have one guy scrapper here! The top picture is of me and my SIL, Brandy. Don't we look cute? Tonight is the pajama party and everyone is in their jammies scrapping. The next photo is a layout that I did to enter the layout contest, as you could only enter a layout in today's contest that was done here. And the next are just some pictures of today's activities. I also have a couple two page spreads done of my daughter's wedding album, however I am saving those for another post.
I gave out a ton of Cutters Creek business cards tonight and was giving everyone that wanted one, a free scoop of Twinkle Jewels. Almost everyone here is from Maryland and close to where I live, so maybe Cutters Creek will have some new customers too!
I am having a blast and was okay with being snowed in, as I have no plans to budge until tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is the big brunch with a Belgian waffle & omelet bar and and all the fixings. I have not eaten this much in a long time, and have probably gained about 10 lbs with all the eating I have done! Not to mention all the goodies they have laid out in the hospitality suite 24/7.
Well........I am off to crop some more and will see how long I will last tonight. I planned to pull an all nighter, however with the bad weather, I think I better get a good night's sleep so that I will be able to drive safely home back to Maryland.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Day #1

My sister in law Brandy & I, are at a scrapbook retreat this weekend courtesy of Creative Crops. Friday was our first day and a lot of fun. Once we got set up, we were ready to craft! Valerie, who runs Creative Crops loves purple and gives "points" out for wearing/decorating purple and all kinds of things and then gives out prizes too. Since I don't own a lot of purple, I cut my name on my Create in purple and and added a few embellishments and blinged up my Ott Lite, in the first photo. The next photo is of Brandy scrapping away. And the last one is of me at the chocolate fountain. I stayed up late but am up and ready to rock and roll today!

I am having a blast with Brandy! I don't have a sister, so it is a lot of fun bonding with her and chatting girl talk. I hope to get some pics of her and I together today to post. I can't wait until lunch! Lunch is make your own sandwiches! Oh, and guess what? Brandy won a door prize last night! She won a chomper by WRMK!! I love mine, and she was trying mine out yesterday, so she is excited she won one.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut Cake Machine at CHA Winter 2010

So last night while I was digging around on the Cricut product site, I saw this new machine and grabbed a photo of it, had I know that the product was not supposed to be up yet, I would have also grabbed the images of the Cake Basics cartridge that goes with this new machine. Oh, well! I just did not have time to blog last night (or today) as the hype for the new eCraft by Craftwell is! I did get the picture, as I was thinking in terms of my store, Cutters Creek, and not blogging. That will teach me! So, are any of you interested in this machine? I know I'm not, however I am not into cake decorating. I think I have enough crafts to do as it is, and not enough! However I would love to hear from everyone who bakes those delicious treats for all of us to eat, but look way too good to eat!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

eCraft by Craftwell-Pricing Has Been Released!

It is official! Craftwell has released pricing on the eCraft and here is their quote:

eCraft Basic (colored) model: MSRP $259 (comes w/1 Image Card)
eCraft Deluxe (black) model: MSRP $349 (comes w/2 Image Cards)

eCraft Professional (silver) model: MSRP $399 (comes w/2 Image Cards)

The eCraftshop design software is sold separately, that pricing will be released immediately
following the CHA Show next week.

How exciting! I guess I need to go get my site ready for pre orders! My customers at Cutters Creek will be so happy to hear we are getting closer!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coloring With Copics

These are two of the first images I colored with copics months ago and they are so not good, however I decided to just get over it and turn them into cards. Since doing these, my coloring has gotten better, however I still have a long way to go. I love my copics and spicas and these are the best "crayons" I have ever owned. I have always loved to color as a little girl and also use to color with my kids when they were little. I even would call my adult neighbors and tell them to come over for coloring and coffee and had them all sitting down with my kids and coloring their hearts out with crayons. And even with adults, you have to remind them to share! It was always a fun time had by all!
My Tilda with candy cane I used my copics, vellum, glitter paper, Twinkle Jewels, rhinestones, and Spicas. My other card was a stamped gift from a gal pal and am unsure of the name of the image, and I used vellum, rhinestones, glitter paper, copics, & spicas.
Just know you do not have to be perfect and it is okay if your art does not turn out okay, and as I am an anal perfectionist I hate showing off bad stuff, however we all have to start some where to evolve as crafters.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Official Photos of the eCraft by Craftwell to be at CHA Winter 2010!

So here they are! The official photos of the basic crafter's model of the eCraft by Craftwell. They are magenta, periwinkle, and white. And, did you notice that extra piece in the back that was not in the original pictures and the model that debuted at CHA Summer 2009? That is your built in roller, to place a ROLL (yes, I said ROLL!) of paper for endless cutting! Craftwell has really stepped up to the plate and is knocking this one right out of the ballpark folks. You asked, and YEP they are listening to YOU! Cutters Creek is so looking forward to working with this company and hopes that they will be around for many years to come.

Friday, January 15, 2010

eCraft's New Color PERIWINKLE!! Coming to CHA Winter 2010!!

So here is your new color that is coming out by Craftwell for the eCraft! What do you think? I LOVE it! It sure is pretty!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sneak Peek #3 The eCraft by Craftwell at CHA Winter 2010

Do you want the latest & hottest info? Well, all you have to do is join the eCraft yahoo group! What do you have to do? Just click HERE to join! This message is being brought to you by Cutters Creek, & Craftwell and we will have a special deal just for you!

Oh, and here is another little tidbit! Craftwell will be launching a "special" die cutting machine that will cut 30"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo! And YEAH!! So what do you think? Are they listening? Heck, yea!!



I know you are all very excited to see what I am going to tell you next and I am just as excited to tell you! I am once again dreaming of owning an eCraft and can't wait to have one of these in my craft room! Most of you know that the eCraft will cut paper 12" X ???. The "???" stand for as long as your paper is, so if your paper is 12" X 36", it will cut. If your paper is 12" X 500' it will cut that too! As long as you have paper, the eCraft will keep on cutting, and cutting. (I am now seeing the Energizer Bunny commercial in my!) If you privileged, as I was, to go to CHA Summer 2009, you got to see the huge rolls of paper on rollers, feeding in the eCraft while it happily cut its heart out. Many of you started asking, will Craftwell sell the rollers to go with the eCraft as an option, as there a lot of people who cut banners and signs. So your next REVEAL is..........................................................(drum roll anyone?)...........the roller will now be a part of the PAPER TRAY!! I'll say that again, because WOW, WOW, WOW!!! THE ROLLER WILL BE PART OF THE PAPER TRAY!! You asked, Craftwell listened, and Craftwell is going to deliver!! Craftwell is so dedicated to you, the customer, and they are working so hard to please you. Again, don't ask me how I know, because my lips are sealed!
You will be able to buy the eCraft at Cutters Creek, and only my yahoo group members in my eCraft will get and exclusive offer brought to you buy Craftwell & Cutters Creek, so please join! We have Beta Testers in the group who are excited to get their machines (myself included). We are already sharing info and will also be sharing photos and tips once the Beta Machines are released to us, so come on over and join the fun!
Stay tuned here with EXCLUSIVE & BREAKING news on the eCraft by Craftwell!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SNEAK PEEK!! Ecraft by Craftwell at CHA Winter 2010!!!

I know you all have been so patiently waiting on this newest little gem about to take the world of die cutting by storm! I am so excited, I am about to jump out of my skin! Well, I have a little bit of EXCLUSIVE news by a VERY reliable source, and Cutters Creek is the first to break it! I will be posting tidbits along the way, and you won't want to miss this, so please check my blog often. Cutters Creek also owns a yahoo group dedicated exclusively to the eCraft, so come on over and join, because you will have the opportunity for a special deal (sorry, I'm not telling you what it is yet, however that will be revealed all in good time).
So my first piece of news is the SECRET new color Craftwell is coming out with, and you are going to LOVE this! The new color that is debuting at CHA is.................................PERIWINKLE!! How gorgeous is this machine going to look in your craft room! I so want this color, however as a Beta Tester, I will of course take what ever they send me, I just want to play my heart out and get to cutting!
Check back tomorrow, because I have another secret to reveal, and let me tell you, you are going to LOVE the next thing I tell you about the eCraft. You are going to go WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! So stay tuned here for more exclusive information, and don't ask me who told me, because my lips are!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Cards for 2010: 33 completed!

Yes, I did! I have 33 Christmas cards done for this Christmas 2010! I am using up that "have to have" pretty holiday paper and using a lot of glitter, stickles, and scraps. So sorry about the reflection, however I have almost all of these in clear envelopes for their protection, and just did not feel like taking them all out for a two minute photo! Starting from the bottom photo, these are my A2 cards, next is my 5X5 cards, and the last two photos are my 5X7 cards. I really did not use anything special, my goal was to use some of my paper that I was hoarding, and then I found other goodies like ribbon, embellishments, punches, stickles, brads, rhinestones, and so much more. It was actually fun just to cut and glue and these were all done with nothing in mind. I just let the paper "speak" to me and than ran with it. I have always been one of those gals who can hold a piece of paper and have visions in my head of what to do. I have a baggie full of items I have inked and glittered to make at least 33 more cards, and hope I continue on with my venture, as I can always sell the excess in my Etsy shop. I hope this inspires all of you to start early and get a jump on the holidays for 2010. I am going to start pre making all holiday cards, so all I have to do is pull from my stash. I just hate card making under pressure, as I am a scrapper, however like making homemade cards now too.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flower Soft Project

I love Flower Soft and love how so simple it is to create something so gorgeous with minimal effort. These toppers are from the Scenic Windows Summer 2 collection. They were a late release this fall and I think as we get closer to Spring, these will be something that every Flower Soft owner will want. Unlike the holiday decoupage cards that Flower Soft came out with at CHA Summer, these are cut outs. The good news is, they are really not hard to cut out at all. There are a lot of straight lines, so for most of the pieces, I just cut them away from my provided card sheet and used my paper trimmer to get a nice clean & straight line. For the rest, I used my super sharp and fine Cutter Bee Scissors. The butterflies were a little harder, however I am a butterfly lover and was so going to cut those little guys out! I used crystal stickles to bling my butterflies up, and used foam squares to mount all the pieces to give my card dimension and "pop". Lastly. I laid down Flower Soft glue and sprinkled Flower Soft where I thought some extra something, something would look nice and not overdo it. These did not take long at all and the result is, cards that look like you spent forever on! All these products can be purchased at Cutters Creek!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Neil & Gus

Here are my first photos of 2010. I intend to do a lot more scrapping this year and continue to work on my animal scrapbook. They are one of my favorite subjects to take pictures of. I did not take a ton of pictures in 2009, I guess with my kids gone now, I don't have much to photograph in my mind, so I am going to try and get creative this year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

From Broken Neck to Broken Records

I am going to shamelessly promote this book because it is all about my dad, Sandy Scott. The story is about his journey in the recovery process after a terrible bicycle accident and beyond. Click HERE for more details and where to purchase this book. Now all my scrappy friends can find out where I get my "I refuse to give up" attitude from. He is going to have a book signing and I wish I could go, as I would love a signed copy, however dad lives too far away for me to hop in the car and go.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Card Making As A Gift

I made these thank you note cards for my mom for Christmas and she loved them! They were fun to make as I love to craft! I used a Martha Stewart deep edger punch, Cuttlebug, Spellbinders die, JustRite stamps, ribbon, Twinkle Jewels, and a clear box to put them in. My mom should be writing her thank you notes about now and I hope she enjoys the note cards! All these products can be purchased at Cutters Creek!
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