Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Martha Stewart Craft Projects Review

Have you ever been glad you were just a natural crafter? I know I am! I have had this Martha Stewart wreath kit (and actually have two more) for well over a year and I decided to put together one of these for a decoration in my home. The kit comes with directions, however very evasive at best. It comes with all the leaves on bendable wires, floral tape, a chip board circle, and a piece of ribbon. For the most part, I really had to figure out some stuff on my own. My first discovery was the wreath looks better if you use the floral tape to cover the entire chip board ring/circle. I also figured out that is was easier if you attached three sets of leaves of three to each other and apply to the chip board ring/circle. And it so does not tell you how to attach the piece of ribbon for hanging, however I did it! And although this may not convey in the pic, I added glitter to some of the tips of the leaves because I always need to make everything "my own" and I am a girly girl and love me some bling! This is not a great project for a beginning crafter, as you will set it aside or just pitch in the trash. Do you have one of those.............I am so glad I am a natural crafter moments? Please share!!

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