Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black Friday, WalMart, Cricut, & Criuct Lite.....WOW!

Look what WalMart & Provo Craft have up their sleeves for Black Friday! New Cricut Lite Cartridges, new Cricut colors, new included cartridges, and WOW! You can't tell me you don't want these new colors and cartridges! And what is a girl to do that already has Cricut machines coming out of her ears and swears no more machines! Yep, I so want one of these new colors and really don't know which color to pick. Canary is not shown, however I bet it is a gorgeous yellow! Good luck with your will power, as mine is going out of the window......

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Chocolate Mousie said...

I'll get maybe a cartridge, but I'll run my Expression into the ground. I bought it Black Friday last year and had my choice of colors and I picked the black and silver machine. colored one. I like silver! Our big purchase this year is going to be a 47" flat screen tv. I can't wait to watch sports and movies on it!

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