Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tender Moment With Tigger

A lot of my friends know that Tigger, my beloved male Orange Tabby, has been diagnosed with cancer shortly after I returned from CHA. He has become such the lap cat lately. He usually does not like to snuggle until it is cold outside, so while it is warm, I do not usually have the pleasure of having him on my lap. Although he is over 26 lbs and a mega huge boy, and takes up way more than my lap. Here is one of our "lap cat" moments and I snapped a picture with my iPhone. He has his face on my arm, as well as his paw. You can see the fur is starting to grow back where he had his IV. I always tell him he looks cute and has a little fur boot!


Chocolate Mousie said...

He looks like a lovely puss. I hope his treatments (I'm guessing that's what the iv was for) go well.

Donna said...

Kim he is georgeous, I am sorry to hear he has cancer, just enjoy every day with him I have 5 of my own and couldn't imagine a day without them.

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