Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New eCraft Color from Craftwell

Here is the newest color coming from Craftwell in the eCraft machine. It is called Skye. Isn't it pretty? And.........................

I just got off the phone with Paul at Craftwell and there are some very exciting things that have happened to the new machines! The firmware has already been updated with more options, the tray configuration has been changed, the manual paper feed has been changed, the blades and pens have been changed, the LCD screen has been changed, and many more enhancements have been made. These changes were all done according to your wants and desires and also beta tester feedback. There are so many more things that have been done that I just can't say right now, however I will tell you that you will be so glad that Craftwell delayed the release of these machines because your will LOVE all the changes, especially all of you that have placed pre orders already.


Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

is this neat newbie able to cut using sure cuts alot? could you leave the answer in a comment on my blog - I will most likely forget to check this post for your reply...thanks a million ~ Staci

Kim Bush said...

You will be able to cut svg files with the pro version of the Craftwell software.

Kim B

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