Friday, February 26, 2010

A Very Good Cause

How would you like to benefit a very worthy cause PLUS have a chance at winning a $100 gift certificate from Cutters Creek???

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is smack dab in the middle of their fund raising season & JDRF is VERY near & dear to my heart because my precious granddaughter has Type 1 diabetes (AKA Juvenile Diabetes). For every $10 you donate to JDRF by going to my JDRF fund raising page (click HERE), you will receive 1 draw for the opportunity to win the $100 gift certificate from Cutters Creek!! If you donate $20, you get 2 draws; $30 gets you 3 draws & so on & so on & so on!!

Our Team Jilli-Bean walk is on March 13, 2010, so any donations made by 11:59pm on March 12, 2010 will be entered into the draw!! Winner will be notified by email by March 15th, 2010, so please be sure to include your email when making your donation. Again, you can make your donations by clicking HERE.

Please help to spread the word! Please!! Our #1 goal is to FUND THE CURE!!! Jilli, and millions of other Type 1 patients, *need* a CURE!! Insulin is NOT a cure - it’s a life support system!!!

Thank you so much for helping & good luck to everyone!!
Peace, love & HOPE for a CURE,

If you can help Terri's grand daughter Jilli, please go to the links and make a donation. Thank you!


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Pam and Presley said...

AWESOME DRAW for JDRF this is very near and Dear to my heart also. My son Cole was diagnosed 11/2 yrs ago and People really do not understand how it totally changes their lives and the impact it has on them! I now with Cole very athletic his BS are all over the board and it is very frustrating. Thank you so much for your fund raising cause.

God Bless
Pam Barker
JDRF Team:Cure for Cole (Missouri)

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