Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let It Snow or Blizzard 2010 in Maryland

This is the view I got opening my front door today. We got pounded with snow in Maryland and my little town got 30" of snow! As you can see, my railings down the deck are almost buried. I am so sorry Cutters Creek customers! Nothing will ship until I get plowed out and it is not looking good, as those that plow are in high demand right now!


Busy B said...

Don't worry Kim! I'm sure we all have enough to keep us busy in the meantime! We all know that you're the best when it comes to customer service!!! We're supposed to get a storm today/tomorrow here in Michigan. Enjoy your time crafting and "chillin'"! Someday you'll say, "I remember that storm in 2010!" :-)

Kim Bush said...

Thank you for being so sweet!

Kim B

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