Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat-Day #2

Day two has been a blast and we got snow two! Lunch was make your own sandwiches with lots of stuff to pile on your plate and tons of cookies for dessert. Dinner was salmon, vegetable lasagna, and/or marinated chicken breast with a bunch of sides and pies and cakes galore for dessert. We have had a bunch of door prizes given out, skits were done for prizes, and we even have one guy scrapper here! The top picture is of me and my SIL, Brandy. Don't we look cute? Tonight is the pajama party and everyone is in their jammies scrapping. The next photo is a layout that I did to enter the layout contest, as you could only enter a layout in today's contest that was done here. And the next are just some pictures of today's activities. I also have a couple two page spreads done of my daughter's wedding album, however I am saving those for another post.
I gave out a ton of Cutters Creek business cards tonight and was giving everyone that wanted one, a free scoop of Twinkle Jewels. Almost everyone here is from Maryland and close to where I live, so maybe Cutters Creek will have some new customers too!
I am having a blast and was okay with being snowed in, as I have no plans to budge until tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is the big brunch with a Belgian waffle & omelet bar and and all the fixings. I have not eaten this much in a long time, and have probably gained about 10 lbs with all the eating I have done! Not to mention all the goodies they have laid out in the hospitality suite 24/7.
Well........I am off to crop some more and will see how long I will last tonight. I planned to pull an all nighter, however with the bad weather, I think I better get a good night's sleep so that I will be able to drive safely home back to Maryland.

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Vicki W said...

Kim - I am jealous - it looks like you are having a BLAST! Have a GREAT day today...and keep on relaxing!

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