Saturday, January 2, 2010

From Broken Neck to Broken Records

I am going to shamelessly promote this book because it is all about my dad, Sandy Scott. The story is about his journey in the recovery process after a terrible bicycle accident and beyond. Click HERE for more details and where to purchase this book. Now all my scrappy friends can find out where I get my "I refuse to give up" attitude from. He is going to have a book signing and I wish I could go, as I would love a signed copy, however dad lives too far away for me to hop in the car and go.


Patty said...

How cool is that?!?!? Have him send you a signed copy!

Kim Bush said...

Daddy said he will send me one next week. I just wish I could be there to watch him sign it!

Kim B

justliketink said...

I was gonna say he'd send you one, but, I see Patty already said

katiebird said...

This is incredible. I sat and cried when I read this. I have a patient who also broke his neck in a bicycle accident.. he is 71. I can not wait to get his family to get him a copy of this book. It will be so inspirational to him!
Thank you for sharing!!! What an awesome Dad you have!
Kay Schnack - Ga

Nancy said...

Kim, what an amazing role model (and you are NOT old BTW). I can hardly wait to get a copy to read it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

ThePurplePlace said...

WOW!!! Kim -- This is awesome!

This is such an amazing story and now, I think I can truly understand, where you get all your courage, strength and determination!

You are your Daddy's girl, for sure!! Bless your heart!

Pedalmasher said...

Gee, I guess I should have hired by daughter to head up the marketing effort for the book! :)
Kay, I was thrilled tonight at the book signing when a guy with a broken back showed up who was an incredible athlete who had been hit by a car on his bicycle. He has been taking medication to control his depression. He had already purchased the book on, but came to meet me and have me sign the book. I assured him that I went through the same kind of depression, and also told him that the doctors said that I would never ride a bicycle again. I not only rode again, but won 11 state of Florida cycling championships and broke 4 state cycling records. He left with a big smile on his face convinced that his story would end as mine did. I would have given up every book sale just for that moment!
I actually was enthusiastic about this project not to make money, but to hopefully inspire others, and by some of the feedback I have gotten, I have accomplished my mission!
And to you cutie, thanks for being so supportive. I love and adore you!

Kim Bush said...

Thank you daddy! He will answer any question you have on my blog! So please post, if you have a question and he (Sandy Scott) will answer. My dad is the best guy I know, and he is not perfect, however he is a really smart, interesting, and neat guy! And has really overcomed a lot which is all revealed in his book.

Kim B

LuvNlife said...

WOW!! I will have to find this book and read it. My DH and I are getting back into riding (sloooowly), so this will be very inspirational. Where is the book signing? Is there a website?

Kim Bush said...

All I remember is, it is in Florida. Hopefully, when dad gets up in the morning, or I can find the info, we will post it!

Kim B

Heather said...

That is fabulous!!!! Congratulations to your Dad!!! I hope the book is a huge success!!!

Anonymous said...

VERY exciting! I have a friend that I want to get this book for! Any chance of book signings in the Kansas City area? Can we mail it to him and pay for postage back? My friend has taken up cycling because he crushed his heel/ankle and really can't run anymore. CONGRATS!

Kim Bush said...

We Will find out :) I will make sure dad (Sandy Scott) reads the posts in the morning and will see what we can do!!

Kim B

Pedalmasher said...

Thank you for all the comments and questions regarding the book. The publisher is about to launch a big media blitz about the book, but all they really need is my daughter Kim! :) I'm scheduled to be on a radio show on the 12th, and there is a planned half hour TV segment in the Orlando market within the next few weeks. If anyone wants to briefly hear the story, here is the URL to a really well done 9 minute radio interview I gave on WFLA after I recovered from the broken neck:

The book's actual website is:

Of course the book can be ordered from

Angelia, if you want one signed, we can do it one of two ways. Either my co-author Rosie Ray can send you a PayPal invoice or we can simply ship you one directly in that we keep a supply on hand for local stores, signings, etc. Just let me know.

I can be reached directly at

Thank you all for the wonderful response. I have always said that there is nothing in the world like a daughter. I fell madly in love with Kim, the first second I laid eyes on her! :)

ddwarf said...

Congrats to Mr. Scott! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story Kim! I bet anyone that loves his DD as much as he love you Kim, will send her a special signed copy for sure! :-)
Kim S., AR

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