Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut Cake Machine at CHA Winter 2010

So last night while I was digging around on the Cricut product site, I saw this new machine and grabbed a photo of it, had I know that the product was not supposed to be up yet, I would have also grabbed the images of the Cake Basics cartridge that goes with this new machine. Oh, well! I just did not have time to blog last night (or today) as the hype for the new eCraft by Craftwell is! I did get the picture, as I was thinking in terms of my store, Cutters Creek, and not blogging. That will teach me! So, are any of you interested in this machine? I know I'm not, however I am not into cake decorating. I think I have enough crafts to do as it is, and not enough! However I would love to hear from everyone who bakes those delicious treats for all of us to eat, but look way too good to eat!



Jessica said...

i've used the cricut to cut gumpaste since last spring! there is a dvd out that i ordered online. i use my same cricut that i use for my paper crafts, too, as i am too cheap to buy two!

Angela said...

But is it hygenic to use it for both? I would think that cross-contamination would be a problem.

Jessica said...

i have two blades and housing units, and you have to use a different mat anyway. i wipe down the metal bar on top but feel it is fine. i have a very germaphobe DH and even he thinks it is clean :)

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