Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who loves a Grand Daughter?????

Well, we do! Here are pictures of me and DH with out little Grand Daughter, Georgia. She will be three tomorrow! Her and I decided we would snuggle under the covers together. She crawled into my recliner and said..................sit with me Grandma! Then I asked her if we needed a snuggly blanket and she said.............yes Grandma! She loved my favorite soft blanket. Isn't she just precious????

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gypsy.........Everything you were afraid to ask, but wanted to know............

So you wanted to know! Gypsy FAQ! The one question and answer that disturbs me is: Can cartridges be unlinked from a Gypsy so that I can sell it to another crafter to use on a different Gypsy? No. You can read all the other info yourself, however if you don't like the Gypsy, want to sell a cartridge, or just undo what has been done, nope, you can't! Be cautious where you buy cartridges once the Gypsy is released, as Provo Craft will not support you, if you buy a cartridge already loaded on another Gypsy Provo Craft will tell you to take it back where you got it. Ebayers are going to make tons on this flaw IMHO!!!


My Son & His Family............I am blessed

This week was wonderful, seeing my son and his family. I already miss them so much, however they are coming back for Thanksgiving..............let me count the days............

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dogs at play!

My Marine son and family came to visit us. Look at how much my grand dog has grown! Gus and Neil weren't very sure about this intruder, however they did enjoy romping and playing together. Gus is my Golden Retriever, Neil is my German Shepherd mix, and my grand dog is the Rottweiler, Bovice.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flower Soft Vee-dio Installment #3!

So here is installment #3, and WOW! I wish they could go on forever, however this is the last Vee-dio on Flower Soft for Cutters Creek! I never even thought about using rhinestones as twinkling lights on my Christmas card toppers and I am a rhinestone lover! I guess you learn something new every day from someone else's perspective. Go to Vee's blog and give her some blog love and let her know that Cutters Creek would like to hire her permanently as a Design Team member! I could not have ever done this better myself and am grateful that such an artistic person saw my vision for Flower Soft in a couple of emails and a phone conversation. Thank you Vee! As the owner of Cutters Creek, I am beaming! And don't forget, go to Vee's blog, as she left a little something for anyone who places an order with Cutters Creek!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flower Soft Vee-dio Installment #2!

Here is installment #2 and it is another great project or two! If you would just like to see the photos, please go to Vee's blog. She has once again left a little freebie that you can get at Cutters Creek and the info is only posted there, so run over and give her some blog "love"! I am so excited and can't wait to see installment #3. I think we can officially call her a member of the Cutters Creek Design Team, as she is doing such a wonderful job and so artistic too!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flower Soft Vee-dio: Installment #1

One of my QVC yahoo members graciously has done a series of Flower Soft Vee-dios (that is our nickname for her YouTube vidoes)for Cutters Creek, and here is the first installment! I love Flower Soft. It makes everything you create stunning, it is very afforable, and is so easy peasy to use. Please visit her blog, as she has left a little "special" over there when you purchase Flower Soft from Cutters Creek.


Monday, August 17, 2009

ScrapCessories! A New Vendor at Cutters Creek!

What do you think? I love this! Go to Cutters Creek and place your order now!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

When East Meets West.......I met a fellow Cricut Lover!

I met a fellow Cricut Lover group member today and she is also my Princess Enabler and moderator of my Cricut Lovers yahoo group! Meet Nicky!! She has been traveling abroad for the last six weeks and flew into Dulles International for a layover on her way back to her home state of California. Well, when she put out the "call" for someone to visit her during her layover in the Washington, DC area, I hopped on the chance. Life is too short to not use these once in a life time chances to meet someone who you have gotten to know over the internet, but have never met in person. So yep! I had to do this! She told me about her travels and we looked at her photos on my Netbook and chatted scrapbooking. She also shared all the cards she made with me and all the stamps she colored, while she was overseas. It was like meeting an old friend, and she is just that, on old friend that I got to hug and chat with. Thank you, Nicky, for letting me meet and hang out with you!

Kim at work.............

So my DH thought it would be funny to take a pic of me hunched over my netbook, while I was trying to get some Cutters Creek business done. He of course got my bad side and in turn got my attention, which in turn got my Golden Retrievers attention, which meant I had to give Gus a little bit of golden love. So my DH took a pic of the two of us also. As you can see, I lugged my Cuttlebug and stuff downstairs to play and spend time with my family. Not really good photos, however since I am always the one behind the camera, it is probably good I had some photos taken. Next time I will have to put on makeup and an evening!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun with NEW Cuttlebug Released Folders!!!

I really need to get my little photo studio back up and running, however after shipping a ton of new Cuttlebug folders in the last three days, I just have not had much free time. So, I did a little shopping in Cutters Creek myself, because so many of these new Cuttlebug folders are so stinking cute! I have been embossing, sanding, cutting, etc... all evening and decided to make something into a quick card. It is so not finished yet, however I wanted to share how gorgeous these new folders are. Everyone of my customers have not ordered every new Cuttlebug item, however everyone of them has ordered this A2 Owl Flourish folder (37-1913). I used a piece of Core'dinations paper and embossed the Owl Flourish folder on to it. I sanded it and then inked it and then added the leaf from the Persia combo set (37-1919). I have a ton more things I have embossed at cut from the new A2 folders & combo folders, however I just needed to take a break to let everyone know, how cool these are and to share a little bit!!! Cutters Creek still has stock left, so if you want to play too, go to Cutters Creek now, so I can ship your order on Monday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cutters Creek Winner!!!

Everyone knows how much I L-O-V-E my customers, so when I returned from CHA, I decided I was going to share some of the goodies that I got at CHA with some very lucky Cutters Creek customers. Here is one of my winners of the gorgeous pink craft apron that Making Memories was giving out at CHA in honor of breast cancer (I am a survivor, so near and dear to my heart) and the new limited edition Pink Slice. I had a random drawing, and I am so glad Lisa won! We met by one of those conversations that happen on the internet and as we kept emailing back and forth, a connection began. The next thing I knew, she joined one of my yahoo groups, we started getting to know each other, and now I have a "girl crush" because we have so much in common and I adore my new friend! And look at the sign she made! I have two more aprons to mail and am waiting to mail them with their orders, however one of those gals, I just remembered, ordered a Gypsy and so I am not going to make her wait that long and just get it out to her now. I truly do have THE best customers on the internet! Thank you to you all!! Cutters Creek customers ROCK!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flower do I love thee................

Pardon my cruddy photos. I had to move my little photo studio and it was so not working for me! So as always, I make lemonade out of lemons and just rolled with it. I will have to solve this problem another day. Cutters Creek sells Flower Soft and I was so excited to take a workshop at CHA hosted by them. I learned a few things I didn't know, and was so glad I took the time to learn a few new tricks! The first card (Santa) I completed in my workshop. This is one of the brand new card toppers Flower Soft released for the holiday season this year and although it is hard to see, it includes a decoupage sheet which adds dimension to your card. And, OH MY! the new polar white Flower Soft is sooooooo gorgeous! I used it on Santa's hat and beard. I am so in love and can't wait to see more colors in the Diamond collection, as I bet they are coming soon! This was also the first time I used the peel offs and could not believe how easy they were to use and how wonderfully they set your card off. The next card used the Flower Soft wires, Sweet Pea Flower Soft, the bouquet mounts, silk ribbon, and YES! more peel offs! This was also done in my workshop. If nothing else, this tells you how easy peasy Flower Soft is to use and work with and still get gorgeous results, as we did not have all day to make! The last card (light pole) was a sample card given to me by Flower Soft. I have to say if you haven't tried Flower Soft, you should. It is affordable and so pretty. And if you have Flower Soft and have been neglecting getting the card toppers, peel offs, and other accessories, they are so affordable and the art is already done for you! Give it a try, as you won't be disappointed. Also, of course, this all gives you ideas to create your own art as well. I myself have used my stamps and colored them in and then added just a sprinkle of Flower Soft with spectacular results. This is truly a wonderful product! Come see me at Cutters Creek and get your Flower Soft. Last holiday season, I had a hard time keeping this is stock, so order early!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutters Creek Funnies!!!

So I had this little contest in my Cutters Creek store yahoo group to give away a freebie and I just asked that the members entertain me in whatever way they chose. I hate doing a lot of data entry, it is so! So in between typing, I kept checking on my group. They so did entertain me and kept me plugging away and made the time go by fast! The winner was Laura C! I will be sending her a little gift from CHA and the best part was not only was she funny, she was creative. She made up a little poem for me. Here it is:

A Poem: Ode to Kim....

The owner of Cutters Creek is named Kim,
She saw that her stock was getting slim,
So she said "oh no"!
"To CHA I must go"!
And she came back with a truck filled to the brim!!

Isn't that so stinking cute??!?!?


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

eCraft by Craftwell VS Cricut by Provo Craft

So, I may get bashed a bit for this post, however if you know me, since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 I speak my mind. Especially after learning that stress was the cause of my cancer. I use to keep things in and now I speak my mind and let it all hang out! I have family members that have issues with this, however life is too short and now I am going to do what I want to do, and say what I want to say. Sooooooo here goes..............
I have been a Cricut lover from THE day I took my Cricut out of the box. I went right for the Expressions, as after a lot of research on many cutters and research on the Cricut, I went large. One of the reasons I bought my own store was because of the Cricut. I was so jazzed about this machine, as I was sure I could sell a bazillion of these babies! I had stars in my eyes and little did I know, I would not get a but a little bit of support from Provo Craft, but most times, none at all. How frustrating to buy an new cartridge at wholesale and find that other bigger internet stores and big box stores could buy these cheaper and sell them cheaper and also make money. A basic $90 cartridge has been so devalued, customers just don't want to pay more than $30 any longer and who can blame them. I can't compete, and this is a product I so do adore. How many times I wished, as a store owner and a crafter, Provo Craft would send me a product to test, and nothing...........and I have now I have found this new die cutter at CHA! And I have to say, when the guy in the Craftwell booth "dragged" me in, I was wearing my Cricut Lover t-shirt and I was a little disinterested. However here we go!
eCraft by Craftwell just may give Provo Craft a run for their money! After hearing all the cool things about this new die cutter, my mind started churning! Here is the lowdown:
Craftwell is proud to bring you eCraft, the revolutionary personal cutter that is easy to use, fun and fast. It is ideal for scrapbooking, paper crafting, making cards, banners and so much more.

The eCraft’s unique design makes it easy to cut paper and alike materials automatically without the use of a cutting mat or the need for manual cutting adjustments.
The eCraft by Craftwell is ultra slim and its lightweight design lets you take it anywhere. Use it on its own or attached to a computer.
With its easy to use software, large selection of fonts, shapes and designs, anyone can be an expert in minutes.
Automatic Cutting Sensor (no manual adjustments needed)
Paper Feeder (no more messy cutting boards)
Unique Roller system handles paper up to 12” by ANY length (wow!)
Draws and cuts without changing from blade to a pen (really!)
Easy to use software and a big bright LCD display (looks great)
So after much reflection after returning from CHA, I contacted Craftwell and asked if there was some place I could go to give this machine a work out and decide if I would like to sell it. Their response was quick and they offered to ship me a machine and have at it! Really?!?!? They are going to assist me to sell this machine, they are going to let me play, and I was told my opinions were valued. In my book, their customers service is already spot on and from just the little bit I have seen, I am very intrigued! Watch out, because this just might be the next hot item in the die cutter arena!
What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today is a special day for me. One year ago today, I purchased Cutters Creek. It has been a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun too. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into my store and I am so excited to see what the future holds for me.
I would like to say thank you to all my faithful customers that stuck through everything with me when I acquired Cutters Creek. I want to thank all my new customers that decided to give Cutters Creek a whirl! My customers are the ones that have helped make Cutters Creek a success and I adore each and everyone one of them! My customer base has doubled during my first year and my products have more than quadrupled! I owe you, my customers, many thank yous! I truly have THE best customers on the internet!

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