Tuesday, December 22, 2009

**NEW** Make the Cut Software for Cricut

It seems like Provo Craft and now Craft Edge have their hands full with the newest software that has hit the market that works with all Cricut Machines. If the deletion of all the messages on the Cricut message board is any indication regarding this new product, then Provo Craft is probably hopping mad about now. At first glances, this looks very easy to use and I myself love SCAL, so I am very curious to see if I will like this Make The Cut software even more.

To download click Make The Cut and you can get this new product now! If you would like to try the trial version for a spin, click Make The Cut Trial and download it now!



NanasAngels said...

Ok....I was going to order the SCAL2 upgrade because I just ADORE SCAL and couldn't imagine scrapping without it BUT....

Here comes MTC and now I'm torn....do I just keep SCAL1 and order MTC or do I stick with my original plan???

Have you played with both and what are your thoughts?

(aka NanasAngels)

NanasAngels said...

forgot to click the email follow ups...


Kim Bush said...

I have SCAL & SCAL V2, and now MTC. I am impressed with the new MTC software and like that I don't have to use inkscape with MTC. My suggestion is to click on the trial link I provided and play around with it a bit. View the videos on the MTC site and see what you think :)


Nelda said...

I tried MTC and I LOVE it! I have never used SCAL so I cannot compare, but I can tell you that it is super easy to make your own designs. I use PhotoShop Elements to "draw" soemthing or scan it in. This is best done in black and white or solid colors (you color it later im MTC). Then I import into MTC with the trace option. I find that this opens up the possibilities to limitless - I can cut just about any shape, and do layers with colors, etc. Check it out, the tial version os fully functional (it just makes a diagonal cut thru the image), and see if you like it. The interface is very user-friendly. (BTW I am not asssociated with MTC, just a happy customer).

triciapeever said...

I'm totally off to check this out. I love SCAL, but hmmm. Better check out the trial. Thanks for the link!

Kim Bush said...

Go grab it, it is on sale! And you will so love it! I love this new program :)

Kim B

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